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    ok thanks
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    bump again
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    Skin Michael Jackson

    Well you can't really just skin a model in warcraft since i've seen loads of models but nothing kinda suits a micheal jackson in his thriller costume if the guy is really good with skinning then maybe he could with the zombie model but it would be better if there would be someone who would make...
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    Hello everyone I really need help for my map i need an icon for a ability called belly slap the icon has to have a panda's belly kind of slapping a face or anything else just as long as it's a panda and same concept i wanted to use pandaren vitality but when i downloaded it it wasn't complete so...
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    Staff of Negation

    not really like a wand more looks like an axe but it looks very much like the icon 5/5 :D
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    ummm lemme guess Death Star? :D nice icon looks kinda realistic 4/5
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    hmm interesting a white glow on a yin yang well i wouldn't say it's all bad but like narandza said filesize to big if you could fix that itt'l be better Art work 4/5 File size 1/5 overall 3/5
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    very nice model :D
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    Sheer Cold V.0.01

    well at least someone liked it :D
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    Sheer Cold V.0.01

    ok guys if you have things to help me with this spell go to the link i provided but thanks for the feedback
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    Sheer Cold V.0.01

    I could support multiple levels you could change the damage into a real variable so you can change per level and for the stun you could make more levels so you can change the duration of it (sorry not yet good) + this is first version i am able to change just tell me using this link...
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    Sheer Cold V.0.01

    sorry about the image it says V.1.01 sorry my mistake
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    Sheer Cold V.0.01 (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Sheer Cold V.0.01 (Map)

    This spell is GUI my goal was after a count of attacks the enemy gets frozen and gets damaged per second Level1 - Cooldown 30 Level2 - Cooldown 27 Level3 - Cooldown 26 The triggers are easy to change and this spell is simple :D my first upload lemme see what you guys think Credits to -...