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    [Trigger] Keeping unit's animation frozen at ALL times,even when walking

    Best way that i know of is instead of making the unit actually walk, you make triggers that periodically move the unit a small distance every .01 seconds. This is valuable simply because you can manipulate the unit's animations without having to worry about the units movement messing it up.
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    Reputation: (Post) Worked Like a charm

    Reputation: (Post) Worked Like a charm
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    [Trigger] Using 'Wait' and Looping Animations

    Hahaha, u sick freak ! It worked like a charmmm!! The animation actually goes now. Mad props to you! I wish i understood Jass. I can do so much with GUI but im still limited to its functions. Awesome job man thanks! EDIT: This works good, except that I have the unit set in the object editor...
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    [Trigger] Using 'Wait' and Looping Animations

    My Jass skills are severly lacking so it looks like this may work but I need to be helped through it. Obviously, I should you custom script here, and after putting in the things i need it looks like this: call SetUnitAnimationByIndex(Getudg_Marine[1](),2) Supposed to be using a variable...
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    [Trigger] 3d Shooter map problem.

    Glad to hear it. Good luck with your map :)
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    [Trigger] Camera Trigger Help

    Make an action that pans the camera to the position of the unit offset by 100 towards the direction the unit is facing every 'x' amount of time. By doing this, you can make ur distance to target less than 100 and the camera will be slightly in front of your unit. Viola!
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    [Trigger] The "Walk" Animation

    I've been doing some experimenting with the walk animation for this map I'm making. I posted a thread earlier about my problem regarding the walk animation but after doing some experimenting with it, I'm starting to realize that this animation is REALLY fucked up (pardon my french). When you try...
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    [Trigger] Auto-Train Trigger?

    Maybe if you created a periodic trigger. Event- Every (amount of time it takes to train 1 marine) seconds Condition- "Unit variable" is alive equal to true *If the building isnt in existance at the start of the game making process and you cant set the building to a variable, have another...
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    [Trigger] 3d Shooter map problem.

    Jass is for bitches. I think i know what you mean now though. You're saying that the area that the unit flies over in between the change in cliff heights is where it messes up i think? I think the problem is that the drop down is a verticle line so the game gets confused as to what the Z...
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    The usefulness of this model is unmatched. Also, it looks unbelieveable in game, especially when the camera is zoomed in close, and the animations are perfect for all circumstances. One of the best, most useful, and original models I've seen in a long time, and believe me, I have seen a LOT of...
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    [Trigger] 3d Shooter map problem.

    It was very intellectual of you to use triangular math to do a 3 dimensional type system, but ultimately it does not seem that something along that lines can cut it when using flying height. Here's an example to explain why using Z heights doesn't translate into flying height well. If you have...
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    [Trigger] problem with an ability

    If u still cant get it to go ill whip it up quick for u and post it. Other than that i hope u find a better method
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    [Trigger] problem with an ability

    The way i designed it should work if u entered the triggers correctly
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    [Trigger] Using 'Wait' and Looping Animations

    Animations arent reset when you move the unit with triggers using the move unit function. Im not talking about issueing orders for units to move to points here. Im using the move function and moving the unit a tiny distance 100 times in a second so it tricks the viewer into thinking the unit is...
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    [Trigger] 3d Shooter map problem.

    I'm not sure what you mean by "high amplitude height change" but if you are implying a drop in the terrain such as if the cliff height were raised then I think i understand your problem. Flying height is always determined from the ground that the unit is currently over, and each raise in cliff...