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Feb 27, 2019
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Feb 27, 2019
    1. Nestharus
      hm.. I got everything to run except for the initscript trig...

      your map is totally screwed up >.>, I have no idea what in your map is corrupt to be causing it, heh.

      What I'll try doing is extract all of your object editor data and then put it back in later.
    2. Nestharus
      Arhowk, I ran into the same error you did, it's your map, so I believe you can run it just fine.

      Here is how to run it. Change all FileExporter to ObjectMerger and it'll run just fine.

      Give it a try.

      //! externalblock extension=lua ObjectMerger $FILENAME$
    3. Arhowk
      oh. thats just one trigger. i got lazy and i did a for enumUnit
    4. Nestharus
      I can't save your map because I'm using vex's jasshelper

      as such, I'm disabling all of your triggers, you can enable them again : )
    5. Nestharus

      if you didn't change your map at all, I can update it tonight
    6. Nestharus
      File I/O was updated

      Now you can play with new Save/Load :D
    7. Nestharus
      well, today I'm pretty much recovered, but tomorrow is a holiday, so I'll be out of town until Friday.

      On another note, I do have some good news. The new version of Data Sync appears to work perfectly : ). I'm just trying to see what I can do to make it as fast as possible.
    8. Nestharus
      I've been extremely sick since Friday and haven't been able to get anything done. I'm only starting to feel better today -.-.
    9. Nestharus
      send me your map, I'll put Bonus into it >.>. I'll just import the Lua code directly so that you don't need to run Lua : ).
    10. Nestharus
      So, are you still planning the save/load GUI? : O
    11. PurgeandFire
      Sure. I think I had the error before I just can't remember how I fixed it.
    12. Troll-Brain
      Lol, i'm quite retired of mapping, but i wouldn't give credit for a such system since i knew how to do it, i mean no offense but i didn't need you to make it.
      The only part i didn't knew that was possible is for the unselectable part, it comes from a friend of mine.
    13. Troll-Brain
      Well, since you've closed your thread i ask it here ...

      So you have tried with an item which have a passive effect, it desyncs if the dummy and the "real" item has not the same effect on pickup event ? (even if you remove the item on this event)
    14. Pharaoh_
    15. Geries
      What he "makes" is likely not that you actually want to have, at least not me. But if you are givin' up warcraft modding then nvm.
    16. Geries
      Maybe he has some desync problems.. also he is far not ready with it.
    17. Geries
    18. Dr Super Good
      Dr Super Good
      The ban reason appears to be...

      Harrassing moderator, constant disobidience of rules, spamming, flaming, aggressive behaviour
      Which was mentioned to him in the message he received when he was banned.
    19. Br0
      Hi, could you give me the textures that you made this with? or the path to altering the minimap if you don't mind...

      what? no. stole this from your signature


      if your UI-Tile1 (i think its 1 anyway) overlaps the minimap, the ui will show not the minimap
    20. Geries
      Yea we levelled the 1/4 part of the garden also I have finished 2/3 part of my middle level English exam. Also I planned some schematic for an alarming system. To the save-system I did nothing.
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