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Feb 27, 2019
Aug 8, 2007


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Feb 27, 2019
    1. Nestharus
      return bitint.read(bitcount of num) in getNextBroadcast

      I would personally set bitInt.group to 32 and then synchronize each full digit and then from there store the information back into a bit int and read it out. This'll increase the sync speed as you won't have to synchronize as much : ).
    2. Nestharus

      A BitInt can be like... 2^48000...

      you asked what the max an *integer* could be, not a *BitInt*
    3. Nestharus
    4. Nestharus
      it works online, offline w/e

      don't kno what ur doin wrong
    5. Nestharus
      you have to wait for the game to start
    6. Nestharus

      Don't use Packet, lol.. use StreamMod
    7. Nestharus
      Why would you want it? Unless you were storing a string.

      If you want to store strings, you can use the Ascii lib and then write the integers that it gives you to a BitInt. You can then convert those integers back into a string by reading out of the BitInt and passing those integers back into the Ascii lib.
    8. Nestharus
      Because BitInt doesn't treat the strings as Ascii, it uses a whole separate base.

      Test is 9 11 4 9
      T = 9
      e = 11
      s = 4
      t = T = 9

      You made each char take up 26 bits, so it would have actually printed
      11 4 9

      11 4 16

      read(26) returns 9 because you gave each char 26 bits and you read the first 26 bits, which contains T, which is 9.

      char max would be 2^26, as you gave each char 26 bits, which is way over the limit. The limit for storage in a char is 6 bits as there are only 64 chars in the BitInt alphabet. 2^6 = 64.
    9. Nestharus
      Check out Network thread again and watch the video under Synchronizing Many Integers under features. Also open that map up that's above video.

      I finished BitInt : P, and it shows how to do the string to int to string stuff.

      AES also supports BitInt now, so there's your encryption

      Mag is still doing MD5, which is validation.
    10. Nestharus
    11. Nestharus

      for syncing and WaitForGameToStart, be sure that you are running them in an executing thread.

      For the other stuff, it's obvious why it crashed, you put in ABZ for Base 0123456789. Do you see the chars ABZ in 0123456789? No, lol.
    12. Nestharus
      Read my last visitor message to answer question 1

      Read Network documentation to answer question 2 (this is in module)

      * static method allocate takes integer amountOfData returns thistype
      * - Call this inside of your create method. Pass in the number of integers
      * - you would like to synchronize. This number is local!

      You should look at the 2 feature demonstrations at the top of the resource as well: after you finish reading the docs.
    13. Nestharus
      I'm driving back home now, so I'll be back online in like an hour : \

      You were reading a plain string from a file before. In order to synchronize a plain string, you have to serialize it into a sequence of integers and return those integers. That is why I said that what you were trying to do was much more daunting : P.

      You could put them together via a BigInt and then do BigInt.convertString and return the digits. That'd be the simplest way until I finish up my new BitInt stuff : P.
    14. Nestharus
      Well, I can tell you right now why it's doing what it's doing

      You have to synchronize the data. File I/O has no synchronization in it, you have to do it yourself.

      I suggest you start with something a little less daunting.

      call file.write("123456")

      local integer i = S2I(file.read())
      local Packet packet = Packet.broadcast(i, i != 0)
      call DisplayTimedTextToPlayer(GetLocalPlayer(),0,0,60000,I2S(packet[0])) //assuming you are player 0

      After you successfully do 1 integer, then try a stream of integers

      call file.write("1")
      call file.write("2")

      struct Test extends array
      private File file

      private method getNextBroadcast takes nothing returns integer
      return S2I(file.read())

      implement StreamMod

      static method sync takes nothing returns nothing
      local integer i = 0
      local thistype this
      local File file = File.open(...)

      if (GetLocalPlayer() == Player(0)) then
      set i = 2

      set this = allocate(i)

      call synchronize()

      call DisplayTimedTextToPlayer(GetLocalPlayer(),0,0,60000,I2S(read(0, 0))) //1
      call DisplayTimedTextToPlayer(GetLocalPlayer(),0,0,60000,I2S(read(0, 1))) //2

      call file.close()

      call deallocate()
    15. Nestharus


      Do it inside of executed thread
    16. Nestharus
      I didn't comment it out, you did

      You also changed some of the lines in the Bonus script too.. I had to do a lot of fixing


      Last edited by Nestharus; 02-18-2012 at 02:50 PM.

      You changed this line to CREATE_BONUS_ABILITIES
      //! runtextmacro BONUS_SCRIPT()

      You commented out UnitIndexer

      and I don't know what else you did, I can't guarantee the script to work because I don't know what else you modified.

      In order to guarantee the script working, cnp the original Bonus script on top of your script from library to endlibrary. Do not replace the macro below that or it'll totally break : ).
    17. Nestharus
    18. Nestharus
      I'll put it in for you then on the old comp

      the link you sent me is gone, resend the map to me
    19. Nestharus
      I think it's that the exes like ObjectMerger etc weren't design for 64 bit. I ran it on a 32 bit machine just fine.

      go run the Lua stuff on a 32 bit machine and cut/paste the generate JASS code into the map.
    20. Nestharus
      hm... I'm trying it in a blank map and am getting the same errors..

      I can't run Lua anymore? wtfx? rofl
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