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Feb 27, 2019
Aug 8, 2007


@ Gearbox Software

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Feb 27, 2019
    1. Dat-C3
      I don't see your point... o.o
    2. Dat-C3
      Hey Ar-U-Noob =)

      What's up hawk? It's Tal, hope you don't mind me dropping by.
    3. Hell_Master
      Hey there, your report about this user below me has been handled with yesterday. I got to banned him through infraction. Kindly, just delete the VM he sended to you, that is all. Thank you!
    4. GhostWolf
      The issue is that you forgot the first 4 bytes which are always "MDLX".

      As a side note, prefer to use types from stdint.h rather than your own typedefs, since they will always be of the proper size.
    5. GhostWolf
      You can enter the chat if you want help, I am usually there most of the day.
    6. GhostWolf
      int/uint matters when numbers are either negative (if you read them in as uint you will get a huge positive number instead), or very big (> 2^30, in which case if you read them as int, you will get negative numbers).

      For MDX specifically it almost never matters, but the keyframes should use int because (while I am not sure if this is valid in-game) I have seen a model with negative frames.
      Another place is references, e.g. material ID references, texture animation ID references, and so on. The format uses the number -1 to say the reference is NULL. If you read that as int, it's indeed -1, if you read that as uint, it's 2^31-1 (in my code I used the uint representation for some reason, which is why you can see the number 4294967295 everywhere).

      All Blizzard games use small endian as far as I know, so that the least important byte is read first. Unless you are on a big endian machine (which is very unlikely), any sort of reading mechanism will give you the correct number.

      Floats are saved as binary in the IEEE 754 format. Simply read the bytes into a float variable.

      Assuming you have a C FILE* (or use some C++ equivalent):

      FILE* fp = ...
      int i;
      float f;

      fread(&i, 4, 1, fp);
      fread(&f, 4, 1, fp);
    7. GhostWolf
      I mostly work with interpreted languages, so I use a simple text editor (SciTe).
      For C/C++ I use MSVC.
    8. GhostWolf
      Well in C++ you have no dynamic typing or first class citizen functions, so you will have to have a big if/elseif block for the chunk loading (and many other things), and return a struct/class.


      class Parser {
      VersionChunk versionChunk;
      ModelChunk modelChunk;

      And when parsing:

      if (tag == "VERS") {
      parser.versionChunk = VersionChunk(reader);
      } else if (tag == "MODL") {
      parser.modelChunk = ModelChunk(reader);

      and so on
    9. GhostWolf
      Just out of curiosity, did you ever start working on rendering MDX models with OpenGL?
    10. chobibo
      I don't know if this is adequate enough, but here is the test (timer reference leaks)
    11. BlackEnvyX
      Your ghost was added into V 1.2 which was released several hours ago!
    12. Chewii
      Yeah and stays there ^^
    13. Almia
      It won't die.
    14. Faith
      Ahh I see. :p
      Well that's awesome, thank you. (:
    15. Faith
    16. -Kobas-
      Sure, give me mail (from steam account) and I will send you gift.
    17. Sick
      edited my post on your thread with the pictures the other day. Just letting you know cause it probably won't show up in your user cp.
    18. Bribe
      You still are oversimplifying it. I don't know if you are aware of some way to do this or if you are simply thinking, theoretically, that there "must be a way". If you know of a way, I'm happy to learn it, but as far as I know, WC3 does not have a spell, feature or glitch to turn all spell damage negative. Object Editor won't work, either, because only certain spells can heal.
    19. Bribe
      A 100% reduction would make it zero damage. If you can find an ability or some trick to make spell damage negative like that, I'd implement it right away.
    20. Bribe
      If you read the comments of that resource it will illustrate for you that your request cannot be fulfilled without doing some work yourself. Basically you have to do all spell damage through triggers.
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