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Last Activity:
Oct 22, 2019 at 9:44 PM
Jan 1, 2006

Awarded Medals 2

September 8

Archian — Site Director

Finger of Death, Male, from Denmark

Staff Member

First thing I'm gonna do when Reforged is out, is to open the World Editor and check out every single new unit model! Jun 8, 2019

Archian was last seen:
Viewing thread Questions about Reforged (To Modelers & Others), Oct 22, 2019 at 9:44 PM
    1. Elenai
      I would like to have permission to add you to my msn contacts, you can PM your msn if you wish. :)
    2. wereguy2
      Original pl0x
    3. wereguy2
      Nice sig, though it is kinda bad quality.
      If you want, I could make a better version (providing you have the original). :3
    4. Zalashji
      Zomg! I see that most you you guys on Hiveworkshop is waaay much older than me:eekani:. I guess i'm a young World.Editor:razz:.
    5. Zalashji
      How do you import pictures with triggers in, like that :eekani:?
    6. Palaslayer
      Yay! are you a d3 fan?
    7. LsK_LaDyGaGa
      willy ou postrt a map of a hero kill for players 1 to 10 eaderboard for me plzplz so i can copy pste =) ty
    8. Rainbow Evil
      Rainbow Evil
      hi,I have a great idea for this sites editor.Can u ask him to make like guilds or teams where members will team up and help each other.Like teams for map making.
    9. wereguy2
      D: Tigar!
    10. Traxamillion
      Hey Archian, you probably already saw but "Red Knuckle" is the newest son of the storm. AWESOME!!
    11. The Dark Wizard
      The Dark Wizard
      Greetings Archian. Ghan has told me that you made the template for hive. I run a gaming website and we have been looking for a designer for a while. I wanted to know if you would help us out and we would be happy to pay you for your work. Our website is Player HeadQuarters please respond when you can
    12. MasterHaosis
      Archian, :cgrin:
    13. hellblazer-14
      Happy new year mate!
      Hope 2009 brings you joy and good luck , health and friendship.
    14. Sergeant Ray
      Sergeant Ray
      Wow. You accept a random friendship request.
      How goes it fair Archian?
    15. Devine
      ... The point is ... I don't care about it anymore >.>
      I'll quit the fake politeness and mean it from now on :P
    16. Devine
      I know you think I'm useless and all that and I was pissed off at you a very long time because you punished me in the chat. But It's been so long ago that I don't give an eff anymore so I'm willing to forget it if we can start over.
    17. Emmanuel619
      pls make a naruto model i am begging u.
    18. Emmanuel619
      archian can you please make a model of naruto and his sexy no jutsu?
    19. Zeverens
      A very awsome skin. I'v looked at some other of your drawings and they'r great. Please make more! =)
    20. oh_snap
      Hawkwing, was just looking around, and saw that you were asking. Exocet is the old school Diablo/Diablo 2 font. As far as I know, the new Diablo 3 font is custom, though there are some that look close to it. The Blade font is pretty close to it, for example.
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    September 8
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Staff Position:
    Site Director
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