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    happy birthday, to me!

    you want proof? check out wormskulls acc on wc3c and look at his AIM account :roll: glad to see at least SOMEONES finally caught on about that
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    Gnomish Bombardier

    i wouldnt say the BEST, but then again, im not one to talk XD id probably say it was miserachord (or however you spell it) i would certainly say one of the best though, up there with the pros :D
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    introduce-yourself thread

    jeez EW lighten up a bit :wink:, this is the off topic category after all :roll:
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    introduce-yourself thread

    WB Kerrigan! ;P anyways, im Nazuel (as you can obviously read on the side of the page) AKA Leo. Im W3S' residential goth or whatever ¬.¬
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    hahaha :P i havent looked at this particular one but there are hundreds of these out there on the net hint 3: the best thing to do is look as close as you can, even if it means being 4 inches away from your monitor
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    Hidden Things in Warcraft3 V1.18

    those are realy useful, someone should stickify this thread
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    April Fools!

    lol, iv gotta say, there was alot of proof against it, so personally i didnt believe it completley (although there was always the possibility of the site shutting down) i was going to post the different reasons why the site wasnt shuting down, but i didnt wanna spoil the joke for evryone just...
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    Why have all the mod nameplates become un-shined?

    lol, its obviously just an april fool's joke
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    nice looking model, BUT THE POLYS!!!!!!!!! THINK OF THE POOR POLYS!!!!!!!
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    *cough* advertising
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    DeviantArt: Community?

    do you actually know those losers irl?
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    lol, thats realy cool, could be used in like an occult map or something (even a halloween map :P) but tbh the head and hands do look a little small, still 5/5 tho
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    Prince of Persia WIP

    its a good model, but there are like 3 things wrong with the proportion 1) his arms are WAY too long 2)his feet are pretty small 3)his chest is a bit thin, try to add more bulk to give a muscle effect
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    Favourite Lyrics?

    Best lyrics ever: Cigaro by System of a Down (SOAD) not gonna bother posting them up here, ill prolly just get a warning, so search em up yourself
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    i used to collect WH (not play, it was always way to boring) and trust me, youll spend a ton of money one it and eventually got bored of it. Iv got about 2ks worth in a huge box in my attic that im prolly never gonna touch again in my life. so just dont even bother starting. i used to paint...