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Apheraz Lucent
Jan 31, 2010

Awarded Medals 2

Apheraz Lucent


Following my decision to withdraw all of my resources from the Hive, I'd like to point out several rules of engagement: Mar 14, 2018

    1. Heinvers
      Now, that D2 sorceress will get to see the light of dawn.
    2. deepstrasz
      Please, inform me if you got the judging and if anything needs to be modified. Thanks.
    3. snowman990
      okay all these years i thought you were dead. Wow... O_o
    4. Heinvers
      Woops, got done pretty much.
    5. Misha
      sent :)
      by the way.. once you look at her and my suggestions, tell me if she needs a tiny bit of hair or not
    6. Misha
    7. Misha
      hey Aph :3 say, are you interested in creating a pretty icon that is also going to be a joke as well? i don't really need it, but, i'm sure someone would xD

      here's a thing, its a gnarled poking stick, that can't serve its purpose because it grew leaves and lovely flowers xD

      so yeah xD tho if you don't fancy that, i have a a model that legit needs skin, and it's a megaman-ish girl chara
    8. Roland
      Thank you.
    9. bowser499
      That's Sona from Jhin announcement!
      Lovely one!
    10. Mgeterno11
      Hello Apheraz,
      Long time no see you. How is it going? :)
    11. Chaosy
      Worked a tiny bit on the warmage, check it out and see if the concept is acceptable. It's a bit different from the others.
    12. Chaosy
      Shall I head to chat again for info about the other ones?

      edit: Oh wait I had a chat tab open already.
    13. Chaosy
      I like to think I am somewhat decent.

      I am surprised you asked me, so sure I am up for it.

      Just send another VM and I'll head to the chat so we can talk. Or well, write.
      I am not good enough at stalking to know when you're online again otherwise ;)
    14. MasterHaosis
      Drago mi je da te vidim. Kako si ti inače?
    15. MasterHaosis
      [02-31-40] Apheraz Lucent has joined the channel
      [02-31-46] Apheraz Lucent: ...
      [02-31-53] Apheraz Lucent: I clicked icons, how did I end up here ._.
      [02-32-03] Apheraz Lucent: Ugh... nevermind. I need coffee.
      [02-32-35] Apheraz Lucent has left the channel
      [02-37-32] Dr Super Good: Apheraz Lucent, lol
      [02-37-32] MasterHaosis: hahahaaha
      [02-37-40] MasterHaosis: Dr Super Good, :cgrin:
      [02-37-44] Dr Super Good: Apheraz Lucent, are icons color space converted?
      [02-37-56] MasterHaosis: Dr Super Good, [02-32-35] Apheraz Lucent has left the channel

      Ovo je bilo super hahahaha
    16. morbent
      I didn't see anyone trying to talk anyone out of the contest though.
      Anyways, it was D1 and D2 in the theme discussions. It seems you guys changed it to Diablo themed later on, I hadn't noticed (rechecked it now), my bad.
    17. Ginufe
    18. WhiteFang
      Yeah,sorry for that mess on that icon.I didn't realize it will escalate so fast
    19. KILLCIDE
      Anymooore requests?
    20. KILLCIDE
      Are the spells holding up? :D
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