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Apheraz Lucent
Jan 31, 2010

Awarded Medals 2

Apheraz Lucent


Following my decision to withdraw all of my resources from the Hive, I'd like to point out several rules of engagement: Mar 14, 2018

    1. CeDiL
      Hello! Please Enter Messenger!
    2. CeDiL
      I did the description is very nice, installing Messenger now.
    3. Lich Prince
      Lich Prince
      He probably got dazed by the amazingness in the posts and added the "R" from my avatar while typing hehe :P. I mean you just finished everything he needed in the thread.
    4. CeDiL
      Yup Lich :D you are right. Apheraz, theese tooltips are nice but you need to see what the spells do, for example razor gale doesn't charge into a point, and The 3rd skill doesn't sacrifice str it just converts it for a time, so that you won't have 1 str and +75 damage taken.
      P.m me and let me show you the map somehow.
    5. Lich Prince
      Lich Prince
      Apheraz, seems i wasn't the only one amazed today. Check CeDiL's replies in his Hero-thread.
    6. Skycex
      Lol... Your descriptions are getting famous enough. You asked me how is here, it's cool. Thanks for many things you've done for me, including icons and descriptions. Now when you can post things, I will delete the Magic Lightning icon and let you upload it ;)
    7. Lich Prince
      Lich Prince
      No-you made my day. I thought I was still good at writing, but you just owned me! hmm, Need more reading, less drinking :P.
    8. Lich Prince
      Lich Prince
      Dude, i drooled-literally.(partly because I was chewing a gum but mainly for the great descriptions.) You're really good at this. If you don't mind I'd like to ask permission to copy your sig. Just to attract more people.
    9. CeDiL
      Hello, can you take a look at - This! please it's about your sig, i need some help with that.
    10. Misha
      Seen my models :)
    11. Gausslander
      I need:
      The Mask of Death Icon (With an ice theme, all read should be dim blue, his eyes should be a clearly visible icey color variant)
      Item Orcish Battle Standard (I need this in yellow, and blue)
      Death Pact (Except make it grey and blue, I need it for a human warcry ability)
      Item Recall (Silver instead of Gold)
      Orcish Weapon Upgrades (just the first one edited to be bronze, and then one to be frost-bitten)

      And that should be it. I will give you credit and reputation.
    12. Sentinel
      Tell me when you finish editing map pls... :)
    13. Dr. House
      Dr. House
      xD thanks Now DR.House backed you fresh chocolate cookies
    14. chilla_killa
      Bronze or gold is okay.
      Maybe a little decent glow behind it.
      Nothing special.
    15. chilla_killa
      20 rep, 3 gems, nice, good luck with the icon
    16. EmBeR_NaGa
      Thanks for the suggestion. Think you have more ideas?
    17. Sentinel
      Hey bro it's me, Aleksandar Josic, add me to friends pls...
    18. Scythy Dervish
      Scythy Dervish
      to remove the unused verticies use this :D
      *click me I'm a link*
    19. Pyramidhe@d
      This took me about an hour to make it, the hands always was weird :x
      I barely managed to do them xD
      really? wow...this took me a total of....few seconds to search up.
      Welcome to the icon section. post things like this and lie about it again and you will be banned in no time.

      i am the icon moderator btw. take this as a warning.
    20. Skycex
      Bro, you finally got your own account xD
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