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Apheraz Lucent
Jan 31, 2010

Awarded Medals 2

Apheraz Lucent


Following my decision to withdraw all of my resources from the Hive, I'd like to point out several rules of engagement: Mar 14, 2018

    1. morbent
      Waait.. what.. I just re-read that post.. and that your bro said this.. but.. OMG D: That's amazing!! YOU'RE ALRIGHT ^^!!!

      WOW. WOOOW. AWESOME! I've ... I can't really.. realize... it might take some time for me to realize that.
    2. Rheiko
      hi there =)
      i'm a new member so i don't know you so well..
      welcome back and nice to meet ya ^^
    3. nambo
      Sorry because I 'didn't' know you. I thought your heart stopped? I even cried reading your story yesterday.
    4. Orcnet
      You kinda lost your Staff position back there, have you talked to Ralle about that?
    5. Malhorne
      Oh yes you're alive phew !
      Glad you're back !
    6. Hell_Master
      ALIVE!!!! :D Welcome back, that people who made fun of you sure has some nasty tricks... you got to kill him in exchange of the troubles he caused! :D
    7. RED BARON
      While it might be very fortunes news :smile: and would love it to be true. I must admit I'll wait a little more time and seen a few more posts before I'll revive you. If you are you, then I am damn happy to hear it. If you are not you, then I prefer to take small steps before I let someone take over your account and reputation. But still, consider me courteously happy.
    8. MiniMage
      Well, huzzah. We got enough death over here with Grendels death.
      Nice to see some revival going on in here. Welcome back from the dead.

      Calling you dead was a kind of dick move from your brothers side though.
    9. Apheraz Lucent
      Apheraz Lucent
      <span style="font-size: 26px">I'm FUCKING ALIVE!</span>
    10. Roland
      Aaand. Everyone believes you're dead. Well Guess what! :D

    11. Hemske
      I can't believe I did not get to say goodbye to you due to my inactivity. I hope with all my heart that you will be that wonder-woman and come back to us and say everything is alright. If that won't happen, see you in heaven.<3
    12. snowman990
      Why must this happen to you... :'(
    13. Kingz
      Miss you.

      Hope you are in a better place now.
    14. EmoBrother
      Stay strong if you're alive,
      Rest in peace if you have gone,
      hopes you tells us that you're fine :D
    15. Toxic 75
    16. Faith
      May God grant you the strength the continue.
      I didn't know your sister well, but she was an inspiration to us all.

      Rest in peace.
    17. MasterHaosis
      Gde si bre? kako si se snašla u novom stanu?
    18. Sin'dorei300
      I'm so sorry...
    19. Shockwaver
    20. NFWar
      I just learned your sister died. Sorry about that. Maybe it is just words, but her fate makes me sad. That means I care. Don't go into insane depression or something. Stay strong. As everyone, we have to witness more deaths in our future.
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