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Apheraz Lucent
Jan 31, 2010

Awarded Medals 2

Apheraz Lucent


Following my decision to withdraw all of my resources from the Hive, I'd like to point out several rules of engagement: Mar 14, 2018

    1. [E]clipse
      Alpheraz Lady Hive ! Where did you get the idea for that the hive mama thread ? Or is it that you had a lot of time to waste so you posted it from nowhere ? :)
    2. TheLordOfChaos201
      ergh... are you the hive Mama?

      I'll take that in consideration next time I post a your hive mama joke.

      I've added a new one

      but here's an extra one just for fun.

      your hive mama so beautiful, that she's the reason why demon hunters take out his eyes. cause they never ever want to see anything else because it will not compare to her beauty...
    3. Sclammerz
      Hehe, thanks Aph! Now I can give 4. :)

      Edit: Oh, Oh What's this?
    4. Daffa
      Alright :)

      Thanks a lot Lady Hive Apheraz, I would really appreciate that :D
    5. Daffa
      Lady Apheraz Lucent, if you would mind, would you check my Album if from the five (or six perhaps?) images I made are possible to be useful as an icon and has decent quality?

      This is an optional request and I don't force you to waste your time, but I will be more than happy to hear your thoughts on my arts, I'm thinking of doing something related to Warcraft despite I lack WC III to play at the moment. I'm terribly sorry if this is sudden and/or annoys you, even at the slightest.
    6. Ardenian
      Thank you!
    7. Ardenian
      Hello, please move my pending icon to 'Needs Fix', I won't be able to update it soon.
    8. Sclammerz
      Okay, okay u lov drayaaaaaaaaaads. How are you anyway?
    9. StoPCampinGn00b
      Where's the screeny? ;D
    10. Sclammerz
      Aph y u lov dryad so much?

      Any Hi! :)
    11. Rex.
      Never mind Natasha, I am fine with your moderate. Don't worry maybe one day I can impress you. :)
    12. Ardenian
      I hope so, too :)
    13. Rex.
      Hey Lucent, why do you have to do this? My icon may not fit into the usual War3 style but I have actually seen a lot of icons have similar style to my icon.

      My icon would have been a great use for sci-fi or modern maps. Besides, not all Hive approved icons are War3 style.

      I see no problem with this icon. Please consider about this case or make a little changes to your moderation comment. I would appreciate it very much. :)
    14. Ardenian
      Was a nice Roguelike game ( the first one). I look forward for your own one.
    15. Heinvers
      With standardized shield icons depicting in most cases a shield entirelly, this icon may appear a little of weird shape and the perspective isn't helping in here. I thought it was an undead building at first glance.

      Then I guess I'll be depicting only half.
      What do you think?
    16. MasterHaosis
      Apheraz Lucent, :cgrin:
    17. Ardenian
      I understand, thank you
    18. Ardenian
      Could you please move my BTNSpiritofLife to 'Needs Fix' ?
    19. Ardenian
      Oh, something I wanted to ask, why are Spinel's Dalaran CnP approvable, but not the DarkIron Mortar ?
    20. Heinvers

      Well, that's very nice you. Good luck :)
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