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  • Hey u became a mod! :D Contrats, i will tell you when i make melee maps to revew em and tell em what they need ;)
    Well then.

    It's time for me to leave the hive.

    I had some good times, man.

    But, well yeah.

    See you 'round.
    lol, well, sometimes I finish maps, and then I'm really proud of those, because I put alot of effort into it.
    Well, I'm lazy, too :p
    I begin a map, work on it ~3-5 days, than I think: Well, I have another idea...
    so I start the next map... xD
    Of course! I would never quit mapping with warcraft D:
    Maybe my next cinematic will be some serious ones :p
    don't know if I'm good in such cinematics.

    My first cinematic I've ever made, was about a lonely sheep.
    There happen often some funny things. But I lost the map D:
    well, I like it to make random scenes, which have no sense :p

    yes, I'm learning english, and I get better and better, but if you aren't born in england, and live there, it's hard to make it perfect.
    I actually don't have experience with earlier versions xD I have experience with GIMP2 and PDN though :eek:

    (Well, the "not have experiance" part is false :eek: I meant, "not MUCH experiance" I've been on my friends compooter - He had Photoshop 7 and a bamboo tablet)
    Grr, I need to learn not to spam :eek:

    So far I've gotten -5 negrep from it (3 from py, 2 from lee) and an infraction point :O
    lol... apo.. hate to say this, but this isn't efficient.. :p

    Victory condition
    Unit - Rejected ones castle 0007 <gen> Dies
    Game - Defeat Player 1 (Red) with the message: You have been banne...
    Game - Defeat Player 2 (Blue) with the message: You have been banne...
    Game - Defeat Player 3 (Teal) with the message: You have been banne...

    Victory condition Copy
    Unit - Admin base of evil 0006 <gen> Dies
    Game - Defeat Player 4 (Purple) with the message: The noobs have defe...
    Game - Defeat Player 5 (Yellow) with the message: The noobs have defe...
    Game - Defeat Player 6 (Orange) with the message: The noobs have defe...
    Yai! I'm not screwed!

    Whai? I just downloaded Photoshop CS4 Lite from TPB onto my epic flashie :D

    Uhm, by the way, I legally bought this. Kay? Kay. Nobody gets hurt.
    i have read the thread but it is only usefull for like create 1 footman for region 2 so that it removes the trigger after. were using a autotrain trigger and a automove. dont think it can be fixed
    you said you liked the idea of the oppression of admins. What do i need to change to make it better? Ive already change teh terrain so thats done.
    Well then, I wouldn't even visit TPB without epic antivirus :O

    Anywais, Time to rant on again until I wear myself out :O

    Firing in 5...4...3.....

    THERE ARE TOO MANY TWEENERS ON WC3 LOLCAPS. I was just in a game of Island Defense. Pink was whining all game that I was a noob. Titan nuked me and I died. WW was on cooldown.

    So then, pink starts going like "noob gtfo"

    "How am I a noob? Explain."

    Pink: "stfu noob"

    Orange: "qq more fucker"

    "I'm not the one QQ'ing. Stay out of this orange."

    Pink: "stfu noob!!!!"


    Plus I've been in at least 50 others where I was flamed by some 10 year old. Ah, gotta love those kiddies.
    yea and btw thanks for rejecting it rather then telling me what to change, now i can never improve it and get some ''skills'' as you say.
    already wrote this on the map but im gonna write it again. GOD why is it always you who decide if my maps are gonna get approved, with you on my ass im never ever gonna be able to make a decent fucking map. and i dont care what you say epicwar has more maps and more users, yes hive has alot of quality maps and models but my maps r still gonna get more atention at epicwar. btw how come only 1 moderator has to decide if its gonna be rejected or not. Thats crap only u dislike my maps and theyre gonna keep getting deleted, this is what the god damn game was focusing on, map moderators like you. You reject my map on those grounds? thats total bull**** terrain is decent the bantower could easily be fixed no reason to reject my map. The victory condition is there tis prob triggered wrong but also very easily fixed. The tooltips are also a easy thing to fix. And also the build time could also be very easily fixed. THERES NO GROUNDS FOR YOU REJECTING MY MAP OTHER THEN A PERSONAL VENDETTA
    and i can see that you are 18 years old and playing warcraft. Real no lifer! All day long you are online on Hive and reject map becouse you have no friends just your computer at your parents house
    You are telling me to Credit all the custom models but when i look at other map i see that they havent credit either! so dint come a reject map becouse of that you little F*****
    Mmkay then, good enough.

    So I was... ...ing Milkshape 3D with a CD key from ThePirateBay.org via uTorrent.

    So it got to 99.9% done, then went back to 98%.

    I restarted uTorrent 5 times, then looked at the log.

    It said my IP adress, and then banned.

    So I'm screwed?
    Prob. shouldn't ask a mod...

    Uhm... Is it against the rules to privately... Discuss... pirating?
    And btw why did you delete road to carentan? cause the description was bad? Couldnt u had wrote it in comment and let him change it? or was it something else. if it was id like 2 read why
    and btw if regular 1v1 and 2v2 maps are allowed i dont see why stratholme shouldnt be.

    Hey, can you talk it over with the mods in chat to get meh unbanned? I pwomiss I wunnt beh bahd :eek:
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