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Last Activity:
Oct 26, 2019
Jan 26, 2007

Awarded Medals 1

Feb 3, 1991 (Age: 29)
Belgium, Antwerp


Well-Known Member, 29, from Belgium, Antwerp

ap0calypse was last seen:
Oct 26, 2019
    1. Dr. Boom
      Dr. Boom
      Yes, but I play minecraft one an hour in a week. The server I'm on is now full with cheaters, so everyone has big buildings and these things now .. thousand of diamonds .. millions of resources, so it's nearly uninteresting to play there.

      My biggest project was the Sphinx I made. First I had to mine away a very big mountain. I did it without TNT, because I want keep the Dirt (3 double chests full) and cobblestone (6 double chests full) and then I build the Sphinx with sand and sandstone there.
      After I finished this, I already has drawn my next project, the "Temple of Ra", but then they started with cheating and I left a longer time this s**t and now .. yes no sense!

      You said you have an own server? Well I know you said only real friends, but can I just look into your legit server and maybe get a little space where I can build a little? Would be cool, when I can sniff the good old minecraft air again^^

      Greetings and Peace
      Dr. Boom
    2. takakenji
      i see uve moved to greener pastures
    3. Dr. Boom
      Dr. Boom
      Yes well, I red much stuff about GW2, but I saw so many games before, where everyone said "WoW greatest game in the world" and at the end just a poor flop - So lets see what we get - but I hope it's very very big and great =)

      About the graphic thing .. well this will be the future.. or the ap0calypse of the humanity? =P
      Whatever when I think about the fact, that I bought a 900€ computer at the beginning of this year with very good hardware and I still can't play all games on max. graphic setting .. little disappointing isn't it.

      Yes I'm still doing some stuff with Warcraft III, a friend make a map and I help him a little with my vJass "skills" - but other things are more important so Warcraft III isn't on one of the first third places anymore.

      BTW - you play/ed Minecraft?^^ <-- This is at the moment my no. 1 again =D
    4. Dr. Boom
      Dr. Boom
      Don't misunderstand me, the gameplay is of course very important too, for example I play the games from the Nintendo 64 (think you know the console), games like Mario Cart or Zelda and something like this, gameplay 100% graphic 10 - 20%.

      But on the other side then I need this high graphic stuff - it's like feeling the game and the best fuse with gameplay and high graphic is Crysis 2 for me.
      Else I'm waiting for guildwars 2 .. dude I'm so excited, I played GW 1 for years and I hope they make a good follower with gw 2 =)

      p.s.: I have to say that I'm really glad with the fact you left hive, because now we write as much like the old days =P

      Greetings and Peace
      Dr. Boom
    5. M0rbid
      Well, I just have to make this post that always sounds retarted!

      Are you gone ? :O
    6. Skycraft
      Oh okay fair enough :)
      Well good luck in anything that you wish to mod in future!
    7. Dr. Boom
      Dr. Boom
      Well 2D RPG's aren't my thing .. I played only one (hope this was one) called "Monster Island", but this was all^^. At the moment I become a friend of games with high graphics like Crysis 2 in HD and this stuff. You should test it it's really cool =D

      And wow you playing guitar? I remember my junior time with my old guitar ... well let's say my parents said, I should stop to torture my cat and since this time I started with my drums. I play in a little band of friends and I wont hype myself but I'm the best =D

      In this case - best greetings from Germany to you:
      Ya Dr. BøøM
    8. Skycraft
      Hey hey.. weren't you a mod?
    9. Dr. Boom
      Dr. Boom
      And what you doing now, without the big world of warcraft 3?
      Playing any other game? (possible what I play too ;) ) or turn back to real life?

      Well anyway, I'm glad that you still staying here a little bit - that's a good choice and if you don't, then don't leave hive without any word! =)

      Greetings and Peace
      Dr. Boom
    10. Dr. Boom
      Dr. Boom
      I have to say, that I still can't believe it .. I hope I'm not one of the reason that you make the choice to quit, because I ask often for help with PM's.
      If I'm, I'm really sorry about this dude, but still you have high skills with this coding stuff and you are an always welcome member .. it's really hard to believe

      But did I understand it correct, you left hive for your own reasons? or something happen that you said you leave, (because you told something about ralle demotes you)?

      Anyway, I don't hope this is "the hard goodbye" (refer to the movie SinCity) and I hope that we can stay in contact .. not because of Warcraft, just because you're a good friend!

      Greetings and Peace
      Dr. Boom
    11. Dr. Boom
      Dr. Boom
      Well WAIT?! .. what the hell .. dude?

      Ma friend what's this "Left the Hive" - no please not!!!!
      Mean why you leave? And will you ever return?

    12. NeverDeath
      Hey ap0calypse (My favorite X-Men villain, haha). I was wondering if it would be possible for my map (Dawn of Battle AoS) to receive a re-review, as it was rated years ago in its infancy. I feel most (okay, that was generous - ALL) of the original mod's comments are completely irrelevant after all this time and the myriad of changes the map has undergone.

      I don't know if it's acceptable for me to make this request, I have resisted the urge to complain about my map's 3/5 Moderator rating for some time, but since a few years' time has now passed, it is becoming increasingly bothersome to me. A proverbial thorn in my side, if you will.


      Thank you for your time. :)
    13. APproject
      Hey there, ap0.
      I was wondering if you could review a map of mine and approve it if is appropriate enough.
      Thank you.
    14. -Kobas-
    15. RiotZ
      Ap0calypse dude, get back to me, it seems like you went MIA, or you are just ignoring me.
    16. Mgeterno11
      So what do you think of my map?
    17. leventopoulo
      Well i usually enjoy Atheist-Theist debates. Because I like to laugh at the other people's idiocy and obsession with God and his religion...
      I think you like to review cinematic maps more. Am I right or am i Not wrong?? :P
    18. leventopoulo
      Debate end
      I can see this is going nowhere. Exactly like if we had a religion debate. Which I love btw... :P
      So are you not at all convinced that you should at least check my map? At least download it and inspect it. And witness the potential it has? Are you so ignorant? Or aren't you at least curious?
      I enjoyed my debate with you. I wasted about an hour trying to copy that and paste and answer and bla bla bla, but It was exciting! Subsequently I would like to raise my cup of tea and solute you. You have remained rational and calm through out this debate without exploding with anger!!! :O

      Now, I shall go to sleep.
    19. leventopoulo
      Proof of me abusing any powers (you will find none though).
      As i said, Calling my map Puny, and saying that you don't care and implying that you don't like it. subsequently having not even seen it. IS, my friend, abuse of power. I'm guessing if i was your "real" friend you would have approved it no matter how awful it was. But my map? My map you call puny, and simply neglect it.

      Proof of me breaking the rules (again: there is no proof, I've never broken the hive rules).

      I'm sure abuse of powers is rule breaking. Other then that you are right, i have nothing.
    20. leventopoulo
      A valid reason why I'm such a horrible moderator
      Hear this: A man is working to get a map approved, he works for 3 weeks, 3 f*ckin Weeks!!! And when he finishes, he uploads the map. Comments arrive, hes happy. He then Updates the map 2 times and waits. He waits. He wait. But, nothing. Darkness, pure nothingness. 3 months later he asks politely an admin to help him, to approve his map. He is ignore, IGNORED! so he naturally becomes angry. But this cocky moderator Who thinks he can deprive that man of the satisfaction of an approved map! The moderator then calls his map "Puny"! And he doesn't care!...
      Now tell me, is that a good moderator. Is he? Or is he just selfish. He doesn't like that map, so he wont approve or even reject it...
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    Feb 3, 1991 (Age: 29)
    Belgium, Antwerp
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
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    Kirin Tor


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