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Last Activity:
Nov 3, 2018
Apr 8, 2009


Long time no THW., from Somewhere?

Animoi666 was last seen:
Nov 3, 2018
    1. Cyk
    2. RED BARON
      Hehe, I believe you'll find a huge number of former and current members of Hive using what they learned here.
    3. RED BARON
      Yea and great to see you as well :wsmile: I am mostly semi active (I returned around the 1th of December, after being inactive for months :wgrin:), as other activities is consuming a good amount of my time, but I'll never leave Hive completely. Its the place the in many ways shaped my future and current life + its just a generally awesome place, even after the purge.

      Merry Christmas and happy new year to you too :wwink:
    4. RED BARON
      Okay, that happens. It happened to me as well, so don't worry.

      And yea, if I have the time when it comes to that.
    5. RED BARON
      So you never really returned with what you needed? Are you still around? I don't really have much time, but I might look at it when I get some time so if you still need them.
    6. Windu
      As I saw u were using AceHeart's save/load. Can I ask you for some help with it please?
      I need to know if u can help me save non-hero spells. Let's say the hero buys his spells from shops, and they are stored in a spellbook. The next game, the hero must have all the abilities he has bought. U get it ? :)

      Any idea how to do that?

    7. Zegaroth
      I knew you were a zombeh!!!
    8. Zegaroth
      The Random.
    9. Zegaroth
      The pony craze... It's gotten to the hive... ITS GOING TO INFECT OUR SOULS! I looks like I was too late. I didn't see it coming. Now even you have been infected. The prophecy was true...
    10. WherewolfTherewolf
    11. WherewolfTherewolf

      You missed one
    12. rcshaggy
      Sorry for getting mad at you, and I hope we can put anything bad behind us.
      Could we start over?
    13. Goolygot
      Since you never wrote on the tent model after I updated it, I will ask you: Is this model good enough now with the animations? I just want to know if I have fullfilled your request now.
    14. RED BARON
      Okay :smile: I am done with my last oral exam, so only missing one that I've already partly finished. So I'll start working on yours and some other long due requests tomorrow :wink: Maybe you want to repost exactly what you need just to be safe.
    15. jokerman10000
    16. RED BARON
      Yea I am back - As I always will be :smile: But only for a limited amount of time still since my inactivity due to study exams is still going on.. But its Christmas at the moment so had some time to check in.

      So yea I am back, but only semi.. I will be back on full time after January, where I will hopefully have passed all my 10 exams :S

      I do have 2 of your crystal icons, but I dunno if you still need them? If you do, I can finish them all in the beginning of February.

      Btw: You weren't slow to respond, I was :grin:
    17. Raging Ent
    18. Raging Ent
      Raging Ent
      Yo man!
      Come test man!
      Cya man!
    19. The World Is Flat
      The World Is Flat

      CAT PLANET CAT PLANET CAT PLANET CAT Planet cat planet cat planet...
    20. MasterHaosis
      Here, you wanted in chat to see how this thing works out!
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  • About

    Current Project:
    Black Dawn ORPG
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Night Elf
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Manga, Wc3, 'other' games.


    Projects: Goals:
    Black Dawn ORPG - [IIIIIIIIII] (60%)
    -Succesfully revamping BDORPG

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