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Sep 9, 2007

Awarded Medals 1

    1. Luorax
      Just give my map a 5/5 and 0/5 to all the others, and I won't be disappointed :'D Heh, just kidding. My hero is kinda self-explanatory IMO, so you shouldn't have problems understanding him and his mechanisms.
      It's definitely nice to see that you're doing a conscientious job, though :)

      Yea, I enjoy programming as well. That's why I wanted to study software engineering (not because of the salary or because you can find a job with that easily - simply for the sake of fun).
      Well, as long as it pays well, I'd also do "boring" stuff as well until I find something more funny :) Though I also plan on moving abroad (if I can somehow... I'm afraid that my stupid country just won't let me leave), so I can choose from much more places.

      I used GUI for like half a year or so. Then I moved to vJASS, so I pretty much learned even the basics of triggiring while I was learning vJASS - and on top of that, I didn't speak English either. Been interesting for sure :'D

      I plan on writing an AI for IID as well, though given how trigger-heavy it is already and how complex certain heroes are, it might not be that good of an idea. We shall see, it really doesn't have that big of a priority.

      Well, I plan on organising a few games on Garena once I'm done with all my exams (2 on this thursday, and the last one on the 1st of February - given I don't fail any of them. Though I passed all the ones I've had so far with a 5, which is the best grade that you can get, and I learned for these as well, so there SHOULDN't be a problem) - I'll tell you more about them once I know more. I don't know when you played it last time, but A LOT has changed since the Alpha versions.
    2. Luorax
      Well, the first thing I noticed was the terrain. I just love pretty terrains :)

      Those full screen systems can also be versatile, if you get the proper ideas you can get a lot out of them.

      Well, I personally don't recommend starting a new project, unless you still got the old files. I wouldn't do it either, even though I've got a pretty cool single player game mode test map, that could definitely get a DC if I made a map out of it. It's just... I don't know, SC2, LoL and DOTA 2 are slowly killing WC3, IMO. It's just not worth investing time into a WC3 map - with the talent you've got, I'd recommend working on an individual game, or something. Now that I study software engineering, I'll start to work on my own 3D game engine, just to get more into game programming (and will keep on working on the one map I've finished so far, of course).

      I'm also glad that HC6 will be judged by someone who's a talented coder :) I can't wait to see the review of my entry (even though I think I'd could have improved it, but I also was busy with university stuff).

      (BTW I got the AoS map of my own; you could check it out too, if you want and got the time. Would be nice to hear your thoughts on that)
    3. Luorax

      Was just wondering what happened to Kadashival Forest. Looking at the pictures, it looks like a quality map.

      I don't really play anymore, but I like to see cool maps nevertheless.
    4. morbent
      Well.. Not that good. With school and all. Have to get up, don't get any sleep, not much free time, etc. You know :\ regular life made stupid because of the stupid system. Next year I'm gonna move to another school where the strap isn't so tight, if you know what I mean.

      How's it going with you?
    5. morbent
      WOW, you haven't seen my talks with RandomPogi and Jolly_Jumper. Good thing they were in private, cuz in the past the VM couldn't have more than 1000 words (was it?). But it's even harder cuz you gotta read your message (to make sure you haven't made a stupid mistake) and then read Jolly's message - which is like... like 3000 words + mine = 6000... +5-6 messages.. you know what happens then xD

      But seriously - that's a long message -

      xD .
    6. morbent
    7. morbent
      Last one was cooler though :)
    8. morbent
      Anac_ron NO! Your amazin_ avatar :(
    9. war-lord
    10. Pharaoh_
      Cool, glad to hear that :)
    11. Anachron
      Wow. So you are really a jewel in the rough?
      Either you don't want to get laid or you can't.
      Either way, it means you are a nice guy :)
    12. -Berz-
      Both! :d
    13. -Berz-
      Do we look like repwhores? :D I'm still a virgin.
    14. DEFACKTwalker
      you made nice icons!
    15. morbent
      Yeah I guess God's real. But I don't fully agree with his vision and thoughts :) I mean, if I were God I wouldn't wait for the human to fix this problem by themselves. At least not completely. I would at least like, fight Satan and destroy the evil he spreads on this world. This way it would be easier for us to become the ones he wants us to be. I prefer to rely on my friends than God :)

      Anyway, I know he knows a lot :] he's a smart person. Just too... humbled, in my opinion. It requires a little fight and ego to fight back against this evil on this world. You can't only do good. Sometimes you have to do bad stuff. Like "killing". Kill the bad guys. Not leave them alive, but it actually depends, depends on how evil they are :\ if you see that there is hope for an evil person than don't destroy him.. but you know, that's just my opinion :) Not that I would go killing people... maybe, maybe I would kill the Illuminati if I had the chance. I'm not sure if I'm capable of killing a person but aa, sometimes it requires sacrifices to do good. Sometimes it requires to overcome your "fears" and kill the evil guy. Cuz my fears are to kill him. I just.. .can't do it. It's too... evil for me :(
    16. morbent
      Oh no, you misunderstood me, I am not against my friend I actually agree with most of his views about this world. Even if he says it in the "religious" way. I mean explaining them with god, for example - The Illuminati were corrupted by the Devil and etc. But he does know the truth which is good.

      I just wanted to see your point of view about religion, cuz it's actually a very important matter when it comes to "fixing" this world. Cuz religion was exploited before but it's not a bad thing actually :\

      And btw, God DOES exist, in my point of view. I just don't believe in him the way religious people do. I just think he's real but I don't praise him cuz I think that he's not worth praising when he lets... good people die and leaves evil alive. Though, I'm not sure, it could be a deed of the Satan, I cannot say :\ but there ARE such spiritual things, really. Like shamans in the past could cure people with their faith. So faith is a strong weapon :P people in the past believed that the "lake up high in the mountains, could cure any disease" (or some stories of that sort) and when they went there they were really cured. It's as if every human has some sort of faith power and he has to redirect it to somewhere, whether it will be God, a totem, a lake, a relic or in himself :\ I try to do the last one... I don't think you'll understand me, I didn't express the words as I wanted to :] I really can't express my opinions.

      And yes, it's way better to be a christian than a satanist xD although, one guy from my class is an atheist and still shares almost the same views. A little bit more... cruel. I mean he always says "all stupid and evil people should die". And I never agree with him on the first one.
    17. morbent
      Hey Anachron - have you ever talked to religious people? And I don't mean the religious people you see on TV, I mean those who know the truth, as they call it, about religion. Now I know it's forbidden to hate against religion here, but it's not forbidden to talk about it. So I would like to see your point of view about it. You can always talk to RandomPogi, though I haven't seen him around lately...

      It's just that in my class I have a friend who's very religious and it seems that he shares my points of view. At least in 80% or something like that. Which are almost like yours :\
    18. Magtheridon96
      Oh come on :C
    19. Pharaoh_
      I will meet with you tomorrow on Chat, if you like, because I am going to get some sleep now :)

      Good night!
    20. Magtheridon96
      Those are only the people who have powers in that section because it happens to be in a parent forum that other people attend to a lot :p

      Bribe, Nestharus, Magtheridon96, PurgeandFire111, -Grendel, I3lackDeath, Kwaliti

      He has no internet connection for the time being.Nestharus:
      He only moderates my resources because Bribe is away and I can't moderate my own. He does not touch others.Magtheridon96:
      I'm really, really busy with JASS Class. It's exhaustingPurgeandFire111:
      He only has powers there because he moderates tutorials, so he's in charge of the "Warcraft III Modding" section of the site, giving him powers there.
      -Grendel, I3lackDeath and Kwaliti are in the same state as PurgeandFire111.
      They don't know JASS :V
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