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Sep 9, 2007

Awarded Medals 1

    1. Pharaoh_
      No :p
      I just googled some keywords and I found it attractive enough for your avatar.
    2. Pharaoh_
    3. Pharaoh_
      Good luck on that :)
      I'm sure you'll make it.
      Avatar: Because it's dull? I prefer you to have a king. That nickname fits that.
    4. Pharaoh_
      I'm sorry, that test map didn't let me realize that. So, you actually will assimilate all those elements that are corresponding to an attack system? If so, then this is what I am looking for. You can also make a twist for a barrage-type ability, that follows the CustomMissile library. I don't really think there is anything more to say, until we see the final product of yours.
      Finally, change your avatar :p
    5. Pharaoh_
      Why don't you make a completely custom attack system? It will relate itself with the buggy EVENT_PLAYER_UNIT_ATTACKED and an additional dds. Finally, you will make corresponding values for each armor type. This will be an alternative attack system, since there are no natives that let you detect dices and stuff like that.
    6. Pharaoh_
      Hey! I've been looking at that thread for a while and the coding seems great and promising; what part do you want feedback for?
    7. Septimus
      i nvr import vjass into the campaign...

      i just want gui converted to jass.

      i only say paladon have gui and vjass version of the spells, but i do not want to use the vjass version. the campaign was using gui version of that spells, which are currently already been convert to jass.

      That gui spells was converted to jass, but it need to be fix as there is a couple of flaw. :p
    8. Septimus
      still cannot avoid the fact it was readable in campaign editor in comparison with vjass. :(
    9. Septimus
      It was not for a campaign. It would just double the timework in the future.

      I hope you understand it. Once you try to make a campaign with huge data in it, you would understand the pain stacking work.

      I once import an vjass spells, but I have it remove due to the time consuming.
    10. Septimus
      you don't forgot that everytime i did an update, i got to export > save it > import > save it again.

      This is a hassle especially when you do even the most tiniest update.
    11. Septimus
      if i don't make it in jass, it would be a pain in the ass when it comes to saving.. after all, campaign editor cannot read vjass.
    12. Septimus
      try fix evil lifting, it was paladon spells in gui which are converted to jass.. he have vjass version of it.. but i prefer to have jass instead of vjass.
    13. Septimus
      if the spells and terrain was complete, then i could continue to work out event trigger.
    14. Septimus
      some was either too busy with real life/other project or does not have sufficient skill to do it.

      I already work out the object editor and import. Both of this can be consider to be 80% complete.

      It was the terrain and spells need to work out.

      Currently there is 20 spells, but 7 of it was confirm to be perfected and at mint condition. I still need to convert the rest of the 13 spells into JASS before I import other trigger spells.
    15. Septimus
      you and me are working on spells. I now converting the simple spells in the campaign into jass.

      Of course, your duty is to convert jass spells that are much complex.

      As for terrain, offgraphic was working on it.
    16. Aspard
      Didn't find this in the rules :)

      public discussions in the forums, resource sections and chat room
      And, yes, I've returned. Why are you interested?
    17. Vercas
    18. Vercas
      I hate "personal" bugs.

      We need better programs...
      Damn it, I can't wait for Starcraft 2!
    19. wereguy2
    20. Vercas
      And what makes you think it's the fault of No Limits?

      I use over 36000 doodads in my map and I can still open and play it!
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