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Sep 9, 2007

Awarded Medals 1

    1. baassee
      Well AFAIK I only saved my backup thus I lost a few data from my old computer. But they hacked my old map or they based it on the opensource version which I took over before. But yeah I've been working on it a little now and then :)
    2. CBX Entertainment
      CBX Entertainment
      Good to see you (nearly) back
    3. Kingz
      Perhaps, tho i have to finish my current obligations to some members here.
    4. Kingz
      Ofcourse i have vjass experience :>
      I don't really like the current module spamfest going on with all those implements and don't really like writing textmacroes but yes i have vjass experience.

      I am actually developing a system to generate items like Diablo 2 uses, tho it is on pause due to an exam.

      I have an medium amount of php and C# experience also :P
    5. Static
      I will post you an image as soon as i am done with my work :)
    6. Luorax
      Oh hey, it's good to see you around :) You propably do not know me, though I've seen your name a lot before and I know that you're a great coder, so it's nice to see that you still care about WC3.
    7. Static
      Dude i would love to make a UI (better interface) for your custom invetory :)
      Tell me if you like the idea
    8. Kingz
      Well i enjoy the map making process and creativity of it above all.
      Have a lot of undone stuff but i do not care.

      I had fun making it.
      So if you have fun, i would say nothing else matters imo.
    9. Kingz
      It's going ok.
      Nothing to complain about :)
    10. Magtheridon96
    11. Kingz
      I am glad to hear so :)
    12. Kingz
      Heya, how is life?
    13. Magtheridon96
      C++ mostly. I might end up creating some binaries in C# because I don't know how to do networking in C++ and I'm too lazy to look it up. lol
    14. Magtheridon96
      Well, I've only written some systems/spells/scripts and put them on this site.
      I have a map, but currently, the version on this site is half JASS, half GUI :p
      I have a 90% vJASS, 10% GUI version on my disk, but there are still tons of bugs I need to fix, and I've lost the inspiration to continue :/

      I've moved on to making real games from scratch with real programming languages.
    15. Dr. Boom
      Dr. Boom
      You really had some free-time there =D

      Well I won't continue mine, I would never finish it anyway, but I thought about this MUI thing and thought about making "inventory pages". So basic you create an addition icon at the inventory view, which allows you to switch the inventory page.
      If one player selects a unit then the inventory for that selected unit should be open. Now if the player select another unit a hidden inventory page is created for that unit. by clicking on the addition icon, he can switch between all opened and hidden inventories and closing them by pressing esc or the x.
      The thing is you just have to make something like a queue, so the 1 inventory belongs to the first selected unit and the 2 inventory to the second selected unit and so on.

      Sounds weird but I'm not sure maybe it's something to work on.
    16. Magtheridon96
      I hope so :D
    17. Dr. Boom
      Dr. Boom
      Bah dude .. I think I'll give up with making an own inventory. I tried to look up at your system and I just get lost there. Also I'm not supporting the use of other external libraries as long I code them myself.
      Using a not self-coded library is one point, but understand then is something different and since the libraries gets more complicate every minute, it's even more difficult =(

      But can you tell me, how long you needed for coding such a system? :o wondering if you did it "overnight" :o
    18. Magtheridon96
      Why thank you :D
      Only 1.75 years ago, I barely knew proper GUI usage :P
    19. Vengeancekael
      :p Eyup
      Good to see you lurking around
    20. Magtheridon96
      Hello Anachron :D
      It's good to see you here.
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