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Last Activity:
Aug 29, 2019
Jun 29, 2009
Jan 10, 1995 (Age: 24)
Home Page:
Elsinore, Denmark


Roleplaying Artist, 24, from Elsinore, Denmark

Amargaard was last seen:
Aug 29, 2019
    1. Alagremm
      Up to eleven! Out of ten.

      Hm, I can imagine what you were doing when you came up with it.
    2. Imadori
      @Ecstasy & Personal stuff:
      Good thing I don't care much about people. Oh, but thanks for understanding, I really appreciate it :]
      I can't imagine that your English sucked, I didn't even notice that English isn't your native language O.o
      I agree! Roleplaying is THE BEST! We da same buddy, you & me (no-homo).
      Ecstasy man, it's not cool. But since you think like me ("life experience"), then I advise yah keep it for yourself, cuz' many people don't welcome us "MDMA" consumers duuude~ xD

      Yeah, I know about the rules, I have read 5 chapters already xD
      And I'm the kind of guy who learns from the mistakes of others :D
      Okay then, my character is Amar's brother Koh who turned into a human due to some kind of a curse, and his non-talking pet dog Moku, is that okay? Now, where should I start? And what is the last activity of Amar, by the way?

      But you're not alone now cool-peon. Count on me! Let's finish the map together with the help of other members! Now, let us make the map bigger! I'll do all the triggering!
      But if you're feeling lazy then I will start it for yah! xD
    3. Alagremm
      You're taking it to eleven by now. Oh well.

      Also, Chocolate Bird?
    4. trolman
    5. trolman
      But Tleno's a ghost. Misha threatens me all the time and Bernkastel is a newfag. :(
    6. Alagremm
      You and Kyousuke will end up writing novels to each other, if your messages keep getting bigger at this rate.
    7. Imadori
      @Weed & Personal stuff:
      That impression again eh? I'm kinda expecting it now. Thanks for the compliment tho.
      I just learn the language more by roleplaying with Bern-chan. If you read the whole teaparty, you will notice that I used many incorrect grammars (more than I do now). I just forced myself to learn in order to have a proper RP.
      Well, I'm not really proud of that experiences but I think it's kinda cool xD
      Ooooh~ MDMA, you shouldn't try that cool-peon. Weed is cool, ecstasy, no! But it's your own decision, I won't sthap yah! :D

      Haha! I never thought that the story was that long! I had read only chapters 1 - 5, but I saw the latest posts, its soooo much longer and more complicated than the first ones (which intimidated me xD)
      Question! Do I have to start by introducing another characters or should I use the existing ones instead? I mean, the story is almost ending. Tell me so I can start writing now ;]

      In my opinion, I think we should make other non-active members as respawning bosses as well, to advertise the group and to tell them "you need to be an active member..." :D
      I like to be a hero too, but not this time tho. I'll try my best to be an active member of the group after the Kaelicious event, then it's hero time :b
      By the way, don't you think the map is too small? I mean for 9 players? Or is that intentional?
    8. David
      Go marry Archange ^^ Would be nice having an Angel as a mum!
    9. trolman
      Farewell, I guess...
    10. Faith
      You're awesome(: <3
      And it's 10:00 at night for me. ^_^

      I'll be sure to see it tomorrow tho. :*
      And yeah I have quite a bit of experience with GUI.

      Oh! And you can call me Liz or Lizzie. (:
    11. Hell_Master
      Yup... ahahaha...
    12. Hell_Master
      Yeah, I just gift David a +2. :)
    13. Faith
      He I just saw your import trigger warning, picture, image, screenshot thing. ^^
      You know that's not a very good way to import triggers, right? c:
    14. Imadori
      Haha, too bad I'm categorized in the badass gangsters that you are talking about. But I love Bob Marley's songs while smoking weed too, and not that gangster rap songs. And I'm not really acting cool like my friends do, they are just trying to impress innocent women, which is not really my interest.
      That "D-cups" album, well, Kyousuke Imadori (character from the anime "School Rumble") loves girls with D-cups so I put it in there. I'm just roleplaying his character here on hive, I don't really know why did I start a conversation with real life xD
      I'm 16 years old by the way, I'm turning 17 this month. My whole life is kinda messed-up so... I've started doing drugs when I was 12, quit drugs and began smoking weed at 13, then stopped at the aged of 15.

      @Avataria and DP:
      Okay, for yah cool-peon, I will try it. Where is the wiki? Link meh please! :D
      That DP is kinda strange in my opinion, and I think I will not suit in that type of group since I am only interested roleplaying an anime character. Oh well, I might still try it in the future.

      Will try to fix that Scytche-mode now.
      Interesting, but who will animate them?
      Should I create my own hero?.. I think not since I really haven't participated properly in the group yet :(
      And I've notice something while testing the map! The creep spawning are not align properly, the left base are in an advantage against the lower base. I'm not a good terrainer so can you please fix it?
      Oh, it's nice to here that you guys like to edit it to! I'll give it next week xD
    15. Gen Bloodhorn
    16. Hell_Master
      Dad I can already give 2 REPS! :)
    17. Faith
      daaaayum youre cute lol

      I will await your drawing!
    18. Faith
      Of course! And are you proposing? ;p
    19. Faith
      Well those shades are pretty cool. c;

      Although I don't see how anyone could mind being in a relationship with you. (;
    20. Faith
      Aww that's really cute. (:
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  • About

    Jan 10, 1995 (Age: 24)
    Home Page:
    Elsinore, Denmark
    Current Project:
    *The Adventures of Am'ar Gardos campaign
    *The Hive Workshop Wiki
    *A secret huge Roleplaying project, to be announced when ready.
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Hey I am Amargaard, and I'm one of the few who strive to keep Hive roleplaying alive. Find me in the Roleplaying Forum, or the Social Groups.

    Playing Computer, being on Hive, editing wikis, going to parties, drawing & watching cartoons.


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