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Last Activity:
May 26, 2020
Jun 29, 2009
Jan 10, 1995 (Age: 25)
Home Page:
Elsinore, Denmark


Roleplaying Artist, 25, from Elsinore, Denmark

Amargaard was last seen:
May 26, 2020
    1. Alagremm
      Maybe you're right... maybe I really should just come over and hang out with a normal person like you for a few weeks... god knows, it's better than whatever the fuck I'm doing with my life...
    2. Alagremm
      Still... you actually take up the challenge and solve your problems to live life to the fullest and feel joy.

      I'm starting to feel like I can't even do that.
    3. Alagremm
      Heh, must have refreshed my profile for like 20 times by now.

      Yea, I actually thought about that too. I don't really have anyone believing in me, pushing me forward. You know. Inspiring me to be better than I already am.

      Eh, I don't think mutual affection quite qualifies for true love. Still... I am not party person. They make me feel sad, distant and I end up spending them by the walls, standing silently and poetically going through the emptyness of my collective existance.

      Curses! Having sex with girls being a solution to a problem?! God damn, I hoped for hard labor and constant pain! Oh wait, this is me we're talking about. Same thing.

      And for the last time, I don't drink. I don't care if it completely destroys my potential for sex, fun and whatever. I'm not doing it.

      And you sound pretty amazing with all that socialising and actual social effort, what's with the volunteer work, participation in things... know what, this actually makes me feel even more shit than I already have.

      You said that if I come over I can lose my virginity. Was just trying to joke. And yeah, being loved and adored by others is the most important thing. Exactly why I feel like writing a huge 'Fuck you' letter to the world and walking off into the woods.

      No one ever asks me to go anywhere, no one ever actually tries to be my friend.
      Every time I interact with people they seem to enjoy me and have fun, but that is it. I never hear from them unless I see them in class or on the street.
      And that is why I don't fucking trust people. Everyone's a bastard, I don't care if I'm bitter, but that's the way things appear from my point of view.
      People seems to care and love me when I happen to meet them and ignore my very existance whenever I take a step away. For all I care everyone is a liar and full of shit.

      I don't even want a girlfriend. It would be nice, but I couldn't care less if I had to wait til 30 to get one, as fucked up as that would be. All I want is friends, but I don't know how to make them. 'Just being yourself' is not a solution, believe me I've tried for years.

      And one thing I'll say to sum this whole thing up - I don't take first steps towards people. And neither does anyone else towards me.
    4. Alagremm
      Whoa, that was a bigger reply than what I expected. I have to say, Trolman will hate you for this reply. And I am obliged to call you a Chad from now on.

      The part about social activities is interesting, but I can't even concentrate enough to work on my own stuff so I'm on the verge of failure. So nuts to that, but being social and taking part in something social is certainly interesting.

      In all honesty though, I do believe I could get around with women, but even if I did have the confidence for that, I probably wouldn't. I'm more interested in finding true love, or whatever. I know how unbelieavably gay it sounds, but yeah, I rather find a true love, rather than have a lot of relationships and hot sex.

      Then again, how would I know. All I know is that I am depressed, lonely and even Bernkastel has a relationship now, which makes me put my whole life into a new perspective and think about where I'm going with this shit.

      So yeah... too bad I hate parties and drinking and all that stuff, because that's an instant virginity inducer. And I have no idea what else there is to do.

      As for that last part... for the last time, I'm not into dudes, am, even those as studly as yourself.
    5. Alagremm
      Tell me Am, how do you do your girl magic.
    6. WhiteFang
      At the bottom of the ocean even light must die
      The silent, sleeping, staring houses in the backwoods always dream. It would be merciful to tear them down.
      There is no sharp distinction between the real and the unreal.
      Even death may die.
      There is a little lamb lost in dark woods.
      All places, all things have souls. All souls can be devoured.
      What can change the nature of a man?
      The stars sweep chill currents that make men shiver in the dark.
      You will all be alone in the end.
      Do you dream while you sleep or is it an escape from the horrors of reality?
      Look around. They will all betray you. Flee screaming into the black forest.
      In the land of Ny'alotha there is only sleep.
      In the sleeping city of Ny'alotha walk only mad things.
      Ny'alotha is a city of old, terrible, unnumbered crimes.
      Y'knath k'th'rygg k'yi mrr'ungha gr'mula.
      The void sucks at your soul. It is content to feast slowly.
      The drowned god's heart is black ice.
      It is standing right behind you. Do not move. Do not breathe.
      Have you had the dream again? A black goat with seven eyes that watches from the outside.
      In the sunken city, he lays dreaming.
      You resist. You cling to your life as if it actually matters. You will learn.
      The tortured spirits of your ancestors cling to you, screaming in silence. Apparently they are quite numerous.
      The fish know all the secrets. They know the cold. They know the dark.
      The giant rook watches from the dead trees. Nothing breathes beneath his shadow.
      Beneath the shadow of the darkened spire, there is no light, no mercy, only void, and the chaos within.
      They are coming for you...
      Give in to your fear...
      Kill them all... before they kill you...
      They have turned against you... now, take your revenge...
      It WAS your fault...
      Tell yourself again that these are not truly your friends...
      You are a pawn of forces unseen...
      There is no escape... not in this life... not in the next...
      Trust is your weakness...
      Hope is an illusion...
      All that you know will fade...
      Embrace your rage.
    7. StormWarriors2
      Huh. I didn't know that was still going on.
    8. Chen
      Oh Thank you for telling me because, I really wanted to continue mine but as I said, I can't. So I will be continuing my storyline now :)

      EDIT: Anyways, I edited my post to fit yours :)
    9. SeedinAethyr
      You're welcome!
    10. kari0003
      Alright, Thank you for that :)

      The ending of the story is awesome! I was shivering while reading it :)
    11. StoPCampinGn00b
      Sorry about a few RACC members hijacking the wiki activity page over the past few weeks ;D
    12. Mythic
      Well, if getting points in the wiki attains rep here, I am sure at least 3 people will join. I don't know what else to reward editors with. D:
    13. WhiteFang
      Your welcome :)
    14. kari0003
      Hi! Do you have a full world map of Kaelicous? Could you send me an instance of it (even if unfinished) please? :3
    15. Mythic
      Am? Do you have any plans for the Wiki?
    16. Faith
      Happy birthday honey. :)
      Miss talking to you, send me a PM sometime!
    17. SeedinAethyr
      Happy Birthday! (Happy Birthday!)

      <span style="font-size: 12px">Here is a cake.</span>

      . . . ., ., ., .,. . . . .
      . . .__|__|__|__|__ . . .
      . . .|~~::~~~~::~~| . . .
      . . .|~!!~~~~~~!!~| . . .
      . . .|<(><)><(><)>| . . .
      . . .|}{}{}{}{}{}{| . . .

      <span style="font-size: 12px">Here is your present.</span>

      . . . . . . .\ &&& /. . . . . . .
      . . . . . . ./<span style="font-size: 15px">*&*</span>\. . . . . . .
    18. Heinvers
      Happy Birthday Amargaard!

      May the RP god bless you with more wisdom :)
    19. Orcnet
      HAPPY BIRTHDAY Amargaard, the Lord of Kaelicious!
    20. WhiteFang
      Well in Oblivion oblivion gates are also massive portals. The daedra(evil demonic creatures tha wants to destroy everything.
      Mania is one half of the Madgods realm.
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  • About

    Jan 10, 1995 (Age: 25)
    Home Page:
    Elsinore, Denmark
    Current Project:
    *The Adventures of Am'ar Gardos campaign
    *The Hive Workshop Wiki
    *A secret huge Roleplaying project, to be announced when ready.
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    Northrend (Europe)
    Favourite Race:
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Hey I am Amargaard, and I'm one of the few who strive to keep Hive roleplaying alive. Find me in the Roleplaying Forum, or the Social Groups.

    Playing Computer, being on Hive, editing wikis, going to parties, drawing & watching cartoons.


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