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    The Impossible Map

    OMG, Im unable to take what should I do. I passed first level with that leaver (that was easy), but I was unable to beat even the sheep. I tried to send it to the water and let it drown, but with no effect. I also tried to send it to some flowers, hoping it will eat that, but it also wasnt the...
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    Tauren Hunter

    Look on that picture. That tail it is not tail acctualy...
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    Mech Wolf

    That transparent parts looks bad, bud its good idea. If its more "intact" it would be very good model
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    Mech Scorpion

    lovely one :D
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    Rostrodle Cavalier

    too big and not so nice
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    Treent Flyer & corrupted Treent Flyer

    OMG - flying tree... well, this may be fun :D
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    Sc Heroes

    There was heroes in original starcaft and them spiced game a lot and I cant see any reason why they should not be in SC2. Who says them must by in multiplayer? And why not? I want SC2 to by at least such variable and with at least such powerful editor than warcraft is and that including heroes...
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    Eagle Warrior

    I love this one
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    Demo map - first mission

    It seems rednek ate Naidens soul. How unfortunate ;)
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    Fel Orc Lancer

    Thats really nice one
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    Fel Rider

    very good - and small for that ;)
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    Space Skeleton Warrior

    Good for sci-fi horrors
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    GDI Titan

    one of best high-tech models for WC3 I ever seen
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    Stormy Castle Citadel

    Wonderful one!
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    Space Troll Marine

    Very nice and useful in combination with space orcs (as well as withouth them ;] ) Small, good and useful - thats ideal model