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    Help for StarEdit, and one question

    In that case, here's what you can do. This will give the computer the appearance of using a pre-placed Canal, which seems good enough for your purposes. Firstly, you place a Nydus Canal wherever you want it to be. Then, make a location around the Nydus Canal, make it a bit large. At least this...
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    Help for StarEdit, and one question

    The AI can neither use nor build Nydus Canals in SC. You're out of luck. In case you're wondering, the way Blizzard had Zerg pop out of Nydus Canals in Protoss Mission 1 of Brood War was by simply using a create units trigger to create units next to the Nydus Canal and to then play the Nydus...
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    Help for StarEdit, and one question

    My bad, I thought that the deaths trigger also had a location modifier. But yeah, just use the deaths trigger.
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    Help for StarEdit, and one question

    You're going to need to provide more details on your problem if you want a decent answer. This answer is written on the assumption that you want: 1) A player to receive some Terran units 2)That are already present on the map 3) Upon destroying a Chrysalis The trigger would be: Players: (Human...
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    Editing Unit Graphics

    In many custom mods for StarCraft: Brood War, I have seen custom units present; they even had fully custom overlays, rather than simply unused ones. A good example of this would be the Black Sun Battle Station from Legacy of the Confederation: How does one go about editing unit graphics to make...
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    HunCraft: Genocide

    HunCraft Genocide is perhaps the most detailed unofficial expansion ever created. It is an alternative timeline that takes place immediately after the events of Brood War. The creators of the game added a full campaign for each of the 3 races (And even a secret mission :)), modified the campaign...