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Allen Walker 22
Last Activity:
Mar 25, 2015
Sep 23, 2010

Allen Walker 22

BS Magician, from Philippines

Allen Walker 22 was last seen:
Mar 25, 2015
    1. Magtheridon96
      It depends on the order of the ability set in the object editor.
      If you set the order string of the ability to be "chainlightning" for example, you would order a unit using the action "Unit - Order ___ to chainlightning whatever". There are 3-5 actions for this I believe. It will depend on whether the order is a point order, a target order, an immediate order or whatever else it can be.
    2. Magtheridon96
      It depends on the nature of the ability.
      Every 3 attacks independent of the interval?
      Meaning, can I perform 2 attacks, and trigger a spell after 15 minutes by performing 1 attack?

      Either way, you should be using DamageEngine by Bribe in the spells section (Look at Bribe's user resources on his profile and go to DamageEngine)

      You should also be using Unit Indexer GUI by Bribe.

      Every time a damage event is fired, you increase a counter for the damaging unit (this counter is an integer array. you use the custom value of the unit as the index. GUI Unit Indexer by Bribe will change the custom value of each unit in the map to a unique value so you can use this value in arrays to effectively attach data to units :D)

      set counter[(Custom value of DamageEventSource)] = (counter[(Custom value of DamageEventSource)] + 1)

      Then check if the counter is 3.
      If it's 3, set it to 0 and cast the spell. Simple as that.
    3. Magtheridon96
      It all depends on how the spell works.

      Basically, you would be storing the location of the unit every 0.xx seconds, and getting the new location to compare them.
      You would get the distance traveled, and multiply that by some factor like 0.1 or anything you want, and deal damage to the target using that value you got.

      You would add the damage dealt to a real variable representing the total damage dealt.
      Before you deal the damage though, check if (total damage dealt) + (current damage to be dealt) is less than or equal to 100.
      If it less than or equal to 100, deal the damage.
      Else, deal (100 - total damage dealt) damage, and set the total damage dealt to 100.

      This way, you will ensure that the damage never exceeds 100.
    4. Magtheridon96
      Every 0.03 seconds, deal 25/33 damage.
    5. Xian
      all comments are great but i am just a 7 years old kid so please rate it atleast 3/5
      Youre a f*cking Liar! lol
      you wrote this on 2011!
    6. Xian
      Hi pinoy!
      anyway are you really 7?
      i'm 12 by the way,we're one of the youngest guys here
    7. Magtheridon96
      the points with indicies 0 and 3 are exactly the same. Get rid of one of them.
      Also, NEVER USE Casting Unit.
      Triggering unit is much faster.
    8. Magtheridon96
      Set GDknockangle = (Angle from (Position of (Casting unit)) to (Position of (Picked unit)))

      Set GDknockangle = (Angle from (Position of (Triggering unit)) to (Position of (Target unit of ability being cast)))

      Store the 'positions' into point variables and remove them after you're done using them.
    9. Magtheridon96
      Your spell still has leaks bro :/
      (Position of (xxxxx))
    10. Magtheridon96
      Are really 7? ;p
    11. Dawn Whitelighter
      Dawn Whitelighter
      hello there kabayan:)
    12. jovanlisac
      i would post the triggers but i don't know how. can u help me.
    13. Magtheridon96
      gj :D nothing's wrong with ur spell :D it's great!
      It's a job well-done. Btw, can you check out my Atomic Bomb spell? (it's MUI v2.3)
    14. Magtheridon96
      Dude, i'm 14, you don't have to call me "sir". Just call me Mag :)
      i'll check your spell right away.
    15. ShiroiSenji
      ALlen-kun D:
    16. The Weird Human
      The Weird Human
      Ehehehe.....aproved ka na..:)
    17. The Weird Human
      The Weird Human
      I need proof that you are a pinoy.
    18. Magtheridon96
      If I was a moderator, i would approve your spell after you fix the leaks, but i'm not 100% sure that the moderators would accept it.

      Don't worry about that. Your spell is more likely to be approved in it's current state (as soon as you fix the leaks.)

      Good job on it btw :)
    19. Magtheridon96
      you did much better!
      Just fix the leak i told you about (The special effect)

      In triggers, things that leak the most:

      -Locations and Points
      -Unit Groups
      -Special Effects
      -Floating Texts
      -Lightning Effects
      -Player Groups (Rarely used in spells)

      I suggest you download the "Leak Check v3.1" from the Tools section (I'm just as pissed as you :P)

      It'll check for leaks in your triggers after you copy paste them. Sometimes it points out incorrect leaks because some spells clear the leaks in other triggers, so don't rely on it 100%. Good luck :D
    20. Magtheridon96
      sure, i'll check it out :)
      btw, just call me "mag". "Sir" sounds too official :P
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