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Feb 2, 2017
Apr 29, 2012



Aliguyon was last seen:
Feb 2, 2017
    1. Kenji_StoneMaul
      I dont im sorry im new here :)
    2. StoPCampinGn00b
      The time has come to save the PRS from inactivity!
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    3. Tarrasque
      ms3d? I dont know the format
    4. Magtheridon96
    5. shinji
      Umm... I have no knowledge about modeling... Sorry about that.
    6. meatfactory
      chill with the double posts dude... no I do not know of this scenario.
    7. Misha
      haven't really gone into how and when helper objects appear, but you should just make it a habit of checking and fixing them to Bones
      and yes, only by exiting notepad and saving when it asks you
    8. Misha
      1- ok, but make a backup before you edit with notepad
      2- after editing, exit notepad and just save when it asks you
      3- ok
      4- edit re-converted mdx in mdlvis, as you typed

      and it should be alright, but how they'll behave after that 'multi-attaching' is just your bit of trial and error

      as for other questions, helpers are also nodes, that probably serve some purpose in regular game models, but really do havoc with our editing tools, especially those who merge geosets and rig mesh, causing them to either crash or have model parts flying around and attach to other models ingame... yeah, weird stuff :xxd:
      that's why it is always helpful to convert all the helper objects to bones, you just don't have to worry about crashing while you work. ALTHOUGH.. mdlvis makes helper objects as well, so you're always encouraged to re-convert and replace, whenever you see those lill 'speech bubbles' with letter 'i' in the model editor's node manager

      as for milkshape file.. i'm not sure.. i had to re-install my system and don't have milkshape atm
    9. Misha
      no.. the whole converting part is another thing.. it should NOT be done while mdlvis is running

      i just wanted to warn you that mdlvis can crash if you rig the mesh to a helper object, which is something that keeps appearing in war3 models as they're edited.

      so to prevent that, you should use mdlx converter to get a mdl file, which you can then edit in notepad and replace those words

      the thing with mdl file and notepad, is that after editing, you must exit notepad and only save when it asks you, otherwise the mdl model gets ruined and can't be converted back to mdx

      was i a bit clearer this time? oO
    10. BlinkBoy
      for wc3? matrix eater, milkshape.
    11. redscores
      Sorry, I am no modeler.
    12. Misha
      yes you can assign a vertex to more than one bone, and in mdlvis. you open the model and go to the rigging bit (F3, then bones tab) then selct the vertices and the bone you with to have them follow the most, then press the little 'reattach vertices' button. then after that, select the second bone and press 'attach vertices to bone' button. then save and test, it should work. (also you need to get mdlx converter and edit the mdl files in notepad to replace every 'Helper' word with 'Bone' (exit and save on prompt so you don't ruin the mdl), and then re-convert back to mdx, so that Mdlvis doesn't crash later in the middle of work
    13. eubz
      I don't think you just use rotation. Is there anything marked as you rotate the bones that makes those vertices seem closing to each other?
      Actually, vertex weight is how strong mesh/vertex is attached to the bone but this is not very much concerned with warcraft model. As to my experience, only in gmax and 3ds max you can use vertex weights.
    14. Sunchips
      I have never used mdlvis so sorry I know nothing about that :/
    15. Ralle
      I'm sorry, I have no idea...
    16. Sin'dorei300
      I dunno, haven't touched Mdlvis in a long time.
    17. Orcnet
      Hello Aliguyon,

      I do not bear the whole understanding of models as of currently, but I believe they hit each other in an absurd way is because of how the rendering of the mesh is not right? but I just have to be honest, I really do not know much yet about models, maybe you should ask the problem to our model moderators such as Misha, MiniMage, or BlinkBoy.
    18. Fingolfin
      Possibly, if you were using the bone to rotate. I am not very familiar with MdlVis though.
    19. BlinkBoy
      in wc3 1 vertex can be assigned to more than 1 bone, but it's evenly weighted therefore you can't assign bone specific weights.

      in the case of neodex, well just follow my animation tutorial, it shows how to fit weights so they work on wc3.
    20. stan0033
      I know almost nothing about working with mdlvis. Yes' I used it to increase some models' scale, but I can't help you, sorry.
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