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    Custom Spell

    yeah its the former one you said. and if you played closers which is an mmorpg from kr,you will get the idea about it.that game got a lot of abilities are like that. also i'm sorry i posted on wrong section. Btw,i actually found a system from wietlol call multi cast system,might something i...
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    Custom Spell

    Hi there,im trying to make a custom spell. The idea is that i cast Spell A deals damage have 5 sec recast time then casting Spell B dealing damage then returns to cooldown. Example like A swordsman casting vertical slash dealing damage followed by horizontal slash dealing damage. I prefer it to...
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    [General] help

    Thanks,you are good,can I know how did you do this 0.0. I want to learn it XD
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    [General] help

    Well, it appear as if its on the north of the unit some are on west or east. I posted the image on first post with map attachment.
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    [General] help

    If you want, I can pm you my map with it.
  6. WC3ScrnShot 081515 182631 04

    WC3ScrnShot 081515 182631 04

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    [General] help

    Thanks I will take all of these as an advice and possible solution for it.
  8. WC3ScrnShot 081415 195141 01

    WC3ScrnShot 081415 195141 01

  9. shadow on unit

    shadow on unit

    weird shadow appear above unit
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    [General] help

    So..I don't know why but the shadow of the unit is above the unit. Can someone tell me what is the problem? Image Updated:This is what I mean by saying the shadow above the unit. Left side:If you look carefully,there is a very thin black line,that's the shadow of the unit.Cliff level is...
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    hi defs,mind helping? I want to make a trigger that when enter a region or near a unit,it shows...

    hi defs,mind helping? I want to make a trigger that when enter a region or near a unit,it shows dialog box to choose whether player want to go in or not.Sorry if this bothering you.
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    [Trigger] transition among maps

    hey hivers! im trying to make the trigger about transition among map using this have follow everything this trigger taught,what I can do now is I can make it from map 1 to map 2 to map 3...
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    how to change?

    k ty for the answer.
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    how to change?

    hi guys,i have a question.How do i change the word " feral spirit " to the name i wanted? Thanks in advance.
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    thx, i will sure find ur help haha

    thx, i will sure find ur help haha