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  • ...and Commrade is friend in German, actually.

    Now dude, I know it's hard to explain, but I'm a tripe agent. I work for you but I actually work for dark Jaret/Ganondorf side, but that's a disguise too and I actually work for Starcraft Hybrids fanclub light side. Duh!
    Oh and no more Star Wars for you, Princess Amagremma.
    By the way, dunno if you noticed, but DSCV is dead. I mean, burried, so it's wraith shouldn't haunt you at night anymore.
    If it still does, you should go see a doctor.
    And this year, in Parliament half of the votes went for True Finns which are not much different from this party. So if it'll be like fifty-fifty. It's gonna be madness
    Something interesting happened a while ago, The Finnish Nationial Socialist Party is aiming for Parliament and seems rather succesful
    You know, dunno if that's supposed to be like that, but it seems thayt Blizz are trying to make the current Aliance and Horde leaders more and more hateable... I wouldn't get surprised if that's a part of the plan for the future WC game... yes, I imagine Garrosh and that liance sucka to ruin the relations with other races so much they would split up...
    Oh and I'm too lazy to go on Skype...
    Duuude. I say now since Zerg threat is over since Kerrigan is human and probably on Raynor's side and other zerg won't have cerebrares evolcing anytime soon, Raynor will be able to overthrow Mengsk, but for that he'll need the help of humanized Kerrigan and your little fluffy friends. I mean Umoja.
    Christian or Fairfield, I suppose.

    Yes, now we need to find the Brotherhood of pill and get to Pyritie's residence on top of volcano to drop the anti-pony pill inside his throat and stop the pony evil!

    Umoja? I just don't really care about them much, they were alwayus just a rival of current Terran dictatorship and they role was never immportant.

    Wait I tough he's already dead :eek:
    Now they kinda like killed the best orc of all time and all fantasy universes... I'll miss him...
    Your argument is invalid. You're talking about wanna-be criminals, I am not one of those...
    I... am... the... mastermind Jaret. I will not reveal my plot to you...
    MUHAHAHAHA... <span style="font-size: 12px">MUAHAHAHAHA!!!</span> <span style="font-size: 15px">BWUAHAHAHAHAHA!</span> <span style="font-size: 18px">BWUHAHHAMUAHAHAHAA!!!!!!!!</span>

    (see? I got my evil laughter even without revealin' my plot... common villains lack such awesomeness)
    Wait, what? Oh, the shop... <span style="font-size: 9px">Damn it, forgot about it...</span>
    Our cult is exclusive. We don't actually get people to join all by themselves - they get invited. It is not a rip-off - only the people that help my shop are allowed in there...
    ...We, for one, do not only have a domain in one website. It is a little more serious than Dailypeon, and surely is more dangerous. We can find out everything about everyone.
    You make still terraining pics? well, we make smilies to be used all around the web.
    I just joined the little Umoja worshiper club of yours.

    Oh, I heard Blizz is gonna release a new game, it's called "My Little Umoja Destruction: Worshiping hybrids is magic".
    I know, but... fine, I'll join Starcraft 2 group... you know you're a master of annoyance and persuassion...
    Wait where did you find someone who uses two cracks?
    Wait, you draged me into Skype! I was all ad paranoid at end of this summer and barely active, so you invited me to Skype!
    And DP... well I'm active on group, just post pics rarely.

    Oh, I think Jaret drew that one just to enslave you.
    Lol wut newb? lawl.
    R U insein? I r nut corrupt'd. I r nut beliv'n Ctulhu, U can haz no affect on meh.

    ...tell no one, but I have a cult that actually reigns all of the web, including hive. Your Dailypeon and Ctulhu can not affect us.
    Still I'll stick witha godd old Cortex. I mean, two of Cortex maps are made by me, plus I'm Cortex'ing for like half a year already...
    Dunno, I could... but there are some problems with Starcraft 2 Rps I figured out over time. Zerg are unpopular to RP and beeing just hostile to everyone and masacaring everything. So it turns out to be just protoss/Terran RP. And that's booring.
    Nipah~ Now i finally got to bring you back to life, now all i need to say is the magical chant. Hold on... Allright.
    Pi pirupirupiru pipiru piiiii~
    I have a Starcraft 2 RP myself, thank you very much :p
    Plus, you know, I hate text RP.
    Because it's filled with people that are against the destruction of Umoja :3
    Wait? Starcraft RP? Uh, I don't remember one. Then again I wasn't active on hive and other sites since September...
    Awzum! <3
    I removed the "In need of a picture"-category for Calliope's page and there's a redirect to your user-page, "Al".
    Though why did you delete some of Alagremm's old history? :O
    sucks.. sorry to hear it. yeah and I was worrying about it more than you could think, it just felt like a thing left undone prickling at the back of my brain :l
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