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  • There are lots of other things to parody. Like:
    Lamp of ALADIN -> Lamp of ALAgremm
    Batman returns -> trolman returns
    Batman Arklaham Asylum (That batman game) -> Trolman Belene Whore Pits
    And computer called Purple Queen!
    No, its called RED BARON.
    Well, I like that idea!

    But know that I don't want to be normal Draenei - Either Broken or Lost Ones...

    By the way, I have some new Map-suggestions: can you make some map with all Portals and Way Gates and the like in the Warcraft/DP Universe and telling what portals go where? Both in Azeroth and in Outland, cause it's really hard to remember where there are portals, and it may be useful to know later.

    Also it would be nice to see a map of current Outland, to know what places that is taken by you and to let people like Trolman know how Outland looks...
    Thats what i would like to create ^^ ...i like doodads buildings... Asi said i cant animate ... so i cant even create animations buildings...well maybe i can but it will take a looooooooot of time.. :/
    As i said. It is Draenei Vindicator by the lore, byt i thought that draenei with the hammer of naaru would be aven cooler with crystal stuff :) so... what we need to finish the vindicator is some cool armor... ask Zadelim, it can be crystal armor orsome silver armor, it might look also cool. Possibly also can be based on the ter 4 from the wow...And i see that most probably people like the news on the FoD presentations, am i right ?...i would like to create some fortress... something big and epic... something... hmmm breathtaking... what do you think ?
    Ehmmm that was a question ? :D actualy it is cindicator... but i thought i might be better with the tier 5 crystal armor....than tier 4
    It is to do with the school timetable! We have 5 hours of school working time! after 2 hours it is break, after another hour we have lunch, then after the last two hours we go home!
    We had to make some really brrilliant final peice! And 10 hours isn't long enough when it has to be brilliant! I did some pop Arty thing! =p
    Well my art lasted 10 hours , but the rest are around 2 hours long! and some of those subjects have a few different papers I have to do!

    And Thanks, I'm gunna need the luck! =p
    Yup I learn German! My favoriate line is:

    Gestern, habe ich Fussball mit meinen Freunden gespeilt. Ich finde das Total super, aber es war Ziemlich anstrengen! (or something like that!)

    Yeah Thats is why I am haveing a whole month off from Hive!
    =O you only have to do 3? I have to do loads! English, English lit, Maths, Science, RE, Citizenship (these ones are essential), German, Art, Geography, History(chooseable ones apart from i had to choose a modern foriegn language, and my school only does French German or spanish!)
    I have exams! And these arent those crappy end of year exams, these are those really-important-ones-which-will-decide-what-I-can-do-in-the-future kind of exams!
    Ala, I just can't find some structure for Demons besides Citadel, but it's used as the Throne place, so let's just say those Ziggurats are actually passages that lead to underground structures. It's okay I hope?
    Well, I did this for two reasons: First, because you hate Faldran and Teldrassil and because I wanted a good reason why it is deleted from your maps. Second, because I wanted a new place on azeroth that was untouched by Empire and Hippies that I could easily live on without stealing land from anybody...
    I have a new Idea, if you make some of the Lost Ones come into Kalidar (Which is not Teldrassil anymore because of me), I will try to get Peon Amagaard over there too and he may join up with them and then Kalidar may be my new base... And maybe he can come into Draenosh too and ally the Triumvirate officially later?
    Well, may I lead Peon Amargaard to Draenosh and somehow join up with the Lost Ones and Broken in there?
    Well, sometimes in the future I will find my force to control... Or maybe the Peon Reporter Team could be under my control?? Muahahahaha...!
    hi, there's just been a lot of real life problems happening lately, but i'm allright, don't worry though, i haven't deserted you all, I stopped modelling for sometime because of this (almost 3 months), but I've started to shape up again and getting these models i promised since before my absence done, including what is needed in the project. can you please give me a summary of what i missed these (almost) 3 months? :), I will be online less often though, and will be without internet for another month maybe, so if you can give me a list of models, you have my word i will do my best to complete them, unlike previous work.
    Alagremm, I asked him (CyberDuelX16) to join Daily Peon. It's for roleplay. But well, we'll see.
    Don't worry about that cannon thing.
    Magical uber cannon + Commie dwarves + Mole machine I sold to them + Ubercharger megabomb = Crying Trolman
    I see that you also made a few pages,will check them out as soon as I'm done with the unseen DP pictures...and then maybe I'll make one.
    Yes,like jesus I retrun on the 3rd day!(and if I dont then I probably died in a car crash) It seems I missed alot...
    We are now working together with zadelim. The texture for Velle can be used, for gemcutter also, but we are working on high detailed vindicator skin...wait, we are still matching the colors of the ears and neck....
    Perhaps. The land is barren, now. Perhaps Archangel will cleanse it for Wolfe.
    I will control Wolfe. He will undergo a massive change at the mercy of Archangel (if you remember him).
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