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  • that's nice about the new people, i'll try a few buildings, tell me which and I will do my best.
    That's great to hear! I'd re-join to maybe help a little, but I don't really play Warcraft anymore, just when I have access to the macbook.
    Now I have taken a picture, but I saw that you put in an image of Oshu'gun, didn't read it though... Will you leave Outland now? Should I make the "portal-accident" go to Argus instead?
    You made many avatars for ppl, but I asked you 1-2 month(s) ago and didn't receive any, can you make it now? :D
    Well, I don't wan't to post 2 of my own pictures right after eachother. Someone other needs to post a picture before I do again, also I'm still busy finding useful models for the Weed Monsters :-/
    My master said he didn't like my previous one... Not that I care. I also found it kinda lame that my avatar shows an undead being blown to a thousand pieces, when I'm undead myself. And I saw this kewl frame and thought: "Kewl frame" and then I killed a dragon with my golden sword, and went to the cinema and... what were we talking about?
    I tried to find that Velen image of your avatar in google, but I couldn't find the one you're using now, and I saw the first page of your comic a couple of days ago. I will keep looking it...
    Hey Alagremm,
    Could I ask for your help with testing a feature in Oakwood Forest online?
    I need someone to play the map with me for ~10min or more.
    Hey, how's it going? Been a while now, hasn't it?
    Hope you took gooood care of FoD in my absence.
    I think you should update the Rules and Lore discussion, like you should add that I got resurrected from Undead, chr2 joined my army, I went to Outland, gathered men from Falcon Watch, defeated Kael, enslaved High Astromancer Solarian, destroyed 2 burning legion forge camps, planned to return to Northrend, Trolman began a crusade, etc.
    Duplicate of the previous post edited:
    No idea, I think I should leave Tempest Keep be or give it to you or something else, since it was Naaru stronghold I guess. I should stay somewhere in Northrend that would not hurt the elves or somewhere in Outland, if it's in Outland, then I have to fight Trolman.

    OK, then, should stay in one or both of the places I mentioned above.
    I don't know if I have to go to Shattrath to gather them.
    BTW, is this thing allowed? If it is, I want to do that.
    Now that I'm living, I am a fiery mage/warlock, when I was undead, unholy.
    I want to cause a devastation in the ocean to the east on Storm Peaks, this will make a volcano to erupt, after several natural phenomenons an island will be created :D
    BTW, I'm learning Thalassian, I'm tired of speaking English all the time in cinematics, however, there are not too many words in it.
    Well, my friend pirated that game and also recorded it for me on CD...
    So the only logical way for you is to:
    1. pirate it
    2. Buy in internet if you're such a good guy like me
    3. Search for it again...
    No, you... well you only choose their banner and possibly some of the colours, you can't paint them completely like you want, there are some limitations like in Spore...
    Well in warhammer Dawn of War, you can colorise your races and then use them in skirmish games. Its kinda related to the fact that you had to colourise all the character figures in the original boardgame. Its quite fun, like yesterday I made black/red Tau, Orcs with shirts/jeans, Ultra-necrons and other fun stuff... like pink chaos marines!
    Sounds fun. Probably I'll go play WH40k and colourise my chaos space marines in gay colurs to laught at them, or maybe I'll go play COH:EF...
    So what should I do now? Do I have to complete another task for Triumvirate or am I free to rest?
    Omg! I just noticed the lion head thingy on your avatar's frame is all scratched!
    *ehem looks around a bit.*

    I know a few good people with story crap ect.

    Real138 is good wit some GUI stuffs.

    I am ok with GUI, story, diaoge, names and shite, but i woulden't be able to for at least a week, prolly more.

    I'll think on it and let you know. what do you need? coders? or people good at making campaigns (layout/design ect.)
    Yeah, that must be awesome, he seem nice and dedicated. i would love to have him. (Don't Worry, i'll only try and streal him when your done.)
    Indeed. But also, that is the job of the project director. He DID sign up to join your project. whats to stop him from asking for personaly break?

    Well, anyway, just thought I ought to let you know.
    (Its just that both of them offered to join my project, but now they are too scared to model... :D)
    As soon as I check what wiki has to say about Kiril and Metodi (i have a test about them tommorow) and well learn it.
    Well I made a pact that there are no terrorist commie dwarves in exchange for no bandits in Azeroth. Good exchange, huh? Now we are save again!
    Gamno Nachalnika!
    And no, I'm not a pervert Wowtard, I've readed about that in that LKI magazine I told you about once...
    Well, in Russian version Stormwind is Shtormgrad, also there was a popular joke between Russian WoWtards about the Shelkovije Naplechniki Gamna. Poor Gamn...
    What is the Anomaly?

    But the portal Al'ar made from Stormpeaks also leads to the Outland-side of the Dark Portal, making two portals leading to the same one. Then people that enter from Outland will be torn into two pieces, first half will come to Northrend and second half to Blasted Lands!?!?

    Oh nice to know it's in Moonglade! Is Moon Glade then still Hippie territory? Else it should be shared by Taurens (Sea Legion) and Night Elves (Na'vi). Empire doesn't deserve that place...

    ... (Question answered!)

    ... (Question answered!)

    The Azerothian is on an island. Thought it was in Quel'thalas, is it on an Island outside Quel'thalas then? Wait a second wasn't the Azerothian side made by the White Elf Queen in Tyr'thalas/Feralas? And the Draenoshian is in Takakenjar Forest, right? Are both guarded by Broken and Lost Ones?
    Twilight Portal - I know that one quite well...
    Dark Portal - This one too... Though it feels like the Outland-side has been connected to more than one in Azeroth. Which one in Azeroth will you come to when you enter from Outland?
    Weed Gate - Where in Azeroth is this, somewhere in Kalimdor?
    Anomaly - What is this?! Where is this?
    The Temple(Island) - Oh, didn't knew it was an island, on which side is it an island?
    Portal to SWLand - Guess it's on some of his Islands... Doesn't really care :-/
    Northrend Portal to Outland - Is this the one Al'ar created from Storm Peaks to Hellfire Peninsula?
    So I'm gonna be Lost Ones?

    And I mean more directly - Which regions are the portal going to? Example: Blasted Lands - Hellfire Peninsula...

    Also I remember some mysterious Way Gate in Un'goro Crater, though I don't know where it leads to. And the Emerald Dream Portals are there too, and what about Herian that Gilneas-Dwarf-guy, didnt his sorceresses create a portal to Twisting nether or something? And a portal was summoned near Aruak-Nashal too I think. And that one that spawned Demons which attacked Windu + the White Elven Portal...
    Yeah, trolman brings Jokeress (villian woman that fights for more freedom for women, which is a crime in Trolmanian Empire) to the whore pits "to get cured from her behavior", but she escapes rebeling all the whores and trolman has to fight them.
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