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    (Bundle) is gud
    Doesn't look like it belongs in Warcraft 3, but in case somebody needs a more detailed Sanctum this should be oh how welcome
    So much for retiring, eh Al'?
    Just checked in to see the new Hive, actually. Can't say I'm too impressed.

    Doesn't help that social groups aren't a thing anymore, and user albums are part of some sort of mini-DeviantArt.
    Happy Birthday! (Happy Birthday!)

    <span style="font-size: 12px">Here is a cake.</span>

    . . . ., ., ., .,. . . . .
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    <span style="font-size: 12px">Here is your present.</span>

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    Yeah it does.

    Right now indefinitely...will cheat anyway and pop up on fb from time to time.
    I was wondering, since smrdljivi hajduk played against the local club, I noticed that almost anyone is russian, even with estonian citizenship
    Can I join the Dark Prophecy? I would like to hang out and read the full version of Daily Peon.
    And nobody on Hive wrote a love poem about how much they miss my brilliant presence. Ungrateful runts.
    LOL! You really know how to make people laugh.
    [rainbow]<span style="font-size: 22px">I've retired from Hive. If you want talk to me, you know where to find me. Cheers.</span>[/rainbow]
    Hope you'll figure something out, it is great opportunity to miss.

    Sorry you know I get my moods and want to be alone and suffocate in my own depression.
    Yeah, but the trains and stations are crazy on those days, with hundreds of people and all. It'd be nice for you to go with someone who knows the whole drill. But whatever suits you, I'll try get a spot for you too - I'll hand you my phone number when we get closer to the big week - otherwise we'll never find each other :b

    That's the good thing - the 49 others (Or whatever number it's gonna be) are 49 totally unique souls. Yeah most are party-like, because it's only natural to get into the party mood when you're on the festival, although we have the usual group who prefer to chill in the camp smoking joints and all that - we have some who drink little, but no matter what, everybody hangs out together. Everyone quickly gets to know everyone, so you'll see for yourself - I only know nice people ^^
    I think I'll set up a facebook event in the next week, all this talk totally got me in the mood!! :D


    Can it be worse than mine? My girlfriend's a dick, and I told her I needed some space today. She pulls me into all sorts of drama, and I'm too much of a hippie to try and handle it all the way she wants, or don't want, she doesn't make any sense man...
    Actually, now I'm just waiting for the right time to break up without hurting her too much..
    But bro, ask the teachers if you can get vacation from the twentieth of June 'til monday the sixth of July. Tell 'em it's a matter of life and death, or something :b
    The problem is that if you don't enter with me some days before, I won't have time to go get you in the airport - I'm busy the entire first day to get space for everyone who will arrive later, which is pretty much the most difficult part of the festival - you have to be an ultimate asshole and scare others off, or make alliances everywhere, because everyone wants the good spots :b

    I have actually only waited in the line once - two years ago - and it was kinda boring, but we were only about five waiting back then - this year we'll be a LOT waiting, because I expect to have a HUGE camp this year :D

    It sounds so damn secret with everything that's going on. I thought he was soon free from that garrison? Oh well, I'm sure it'll be an awesome festival again, even though he is not with us :b
    Kewl man - I found some info on the official site if there's anything you wanna know, but I should also be able to answer every question that springs to your mind myself :)

    It starts Saturday the 27th - I wanna be in the line the 26th, or maybe even thursday the 25th. Come sometime before that, whatever suits you best - maybe it'd be nice for you to experience our Sct. Hans Evening holiday the 23rd of June? It's up to you, as long as you'll wait in line with me (It might suck but it will be worth it in the end) :)

    You don't think we can pull Bern into it as well? You guys could come here together :b
    Big A don't really care - volunteer workers are, after all, volunteeringly working. I had no experience when I signed the contract last year - Once you learn how to do it, it's quite simple work, really :b

    Bring your own stuff! Food and drinks and stuff can all be bought on the festival ground, or outside in the city of Roskilde - but everything's hella expensive during that week. So yeah, bring your own food, tent, supplies (DUCHT TAPE, LOTS of Ducht tape!) - I'll probably have a wagon with me + several backpacks :b

    Denmark is lovely. Do whatever suits your situation best pal - the festival starts about the last weekend in June :)
    Sounds like everything will be taken care of. You better have great time or else!
    Go Military-man!

    The job is on a burger bar called "Big A's Diner" - it opens when the festival is halfway through, because that means that the 169 music acts will begin. They pay your ticket if you work 24 hours (3 times 8 hours), making burgers and chicken and fries and what not.
    I'll ask if you can join :)

    Yeah, sounds like a plan - so have you been looking in the mirror yet, and said "I'm fucking doing this!"? :b
    I almost didn't sleep at all for some days. I can say my head is killing me.

    No no you see if you are good little boy I play nice. But if you are bad little boy, well you get bad little boy punishment. No not the Az kind.

    Yeah the tricolors are boring. Why is everything tricolor.

    The Avatar of Death. Even in errr "death" Lich is still awesome.

    Fine then you leave me no choice, I must keel Garsh. It is the only way!

    Right adding to my to "eventually do list" and good name and logo I like it.
    I'm pretty sure I'll be surprised a-lot-of-things once I meet you, and I have no expectations so I can only be surprised :D

    Dress like you want - last two years a dude called Faraz, a nice immigrant from .. Iran I believe, wore a rabbit suit, complete with puffy pink tail and all, the whole week. Haha, he's one of the best party-makers in the camp, you'll find out! One of many awesome people - I also plan to get a girl into the camp this year who is commonly called "Pikachu", not hard to guess why she is called so :D

    Go ask them - it'd be more powerful if you say it, and that we're both going this year. I believe my own chances are higher in Kaelicious. Kari seemed up to it, I think :b
    What goes on is that hundreds of thousands of people are gathering on one gigantic field of grass, and everyone are unleashing themselves - doing all the things they won't do the rest of the year because of responsibilities. Roskilde Festival = Ultimate Freedom :b

    If you are coming with me, I guess it'll be something like you arrive here a few days before the first day of the festival. Meet up with me, and I help you prepare for the culture shock you're about to get - we go in there together a day or two before the festival, and camp in the line with a group of people. We're doing so because we're gonna get in first, get a good spot, and steal enough place for the remaining campers to come, set up their tents at our place, or someone else will get it before us, and we can't all be in one camp. I believe we'll be at least 50 in my camp this year :D
    What goes on after that? We live there - primitively, and barbarically - but socially as fuck! Everybody constantly has fun with each other, talking, play drinking games, ball games, sparring with neighbor camps, exploring the place, participating in the festival's upwarming events, whatever they are - the professional skating is always entertaining. If you wanna join in, the Norwegians are always puffing weed - I personally stay away, and stick to getting drunk. I haven't met one who didn't drink on the festival before, but you'll love it anyway :)
    Then after a few days, the music begins and the fangirls/boys go crazy, and we go from concert to concert, partying and enjoying each others company, talking to strangers, and whatever you wanna do. There's always something awesome to do - hey, what do you wanna do? That's what we're going to do! :b
    Or wait a sec.. Most importantly, and now you'll probably be frightened off the idea - we'll make no internet contact the entire week!

    What am I doing? I can't possibly describe the Roskilde feeling with text, and surely not to one who hasn't experienced anything like it. Look, it's just plain awesome, and I assure you, you will not regret it. It'd be fun, if we could talk Kari and the others into it too! ^^

    Do you have a facebook account? :)
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