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    [Campaign] Malfurion's Quest

    Hi Turnro! It's really great as always. I've completed the new Sentinel mission. And I can't play the Highborne storyline. Just can't see how Malfurion fights vs Night Elves :(
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    1- The Coming of the Horde

    Just greate! So pity that such good mapmakers stop doing making campaigns. As I understand, it was published back in 2003, I don't know how I could miss it all these years.
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    looking for a map

    Forgotten tales Heh, my problem is similar, but so much worse, I have played a custom campaign in early RoC (that was about 12 years ago (!) ). Tthat was first first custom campaign i played ever. Sometimes i try to find it, but it seems that even google forgot about it, or maybe my memoires...