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May 4, 2019
Dec 30, 2014

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May 4, 2019
    1. Mr.Henci
    2. A Void
      A Void
      Your melee map entry is so unique! I appreciate the effort you put into making it. Even if the public poll is messed up, some times masterpieces are underrated. From the custom tile-set and layout your entry is by far the best! +rep
      1. Adney
        It is good to hear, that you like playing with it, so the creation of the map worth it. Thanks you very much! :D
        Nov 26, 2017
    3. deepstrasz
      Also, please have a non-default avatar :D
    4. Polloronco
      Can you tell me where are the texts? i can to translate to spanish
    5. Pyraeus
      Only thing I dislike about updates is the fact I g2 do it all over again, haha, but I will do when I have the time. Next time reply on my page so I know you replied ^.^
    6. Adney
      Thank you Pyraeus! :) It is funny, that I upload the next version with two new missions. Try it out! :D
    7. Pyraeus
      Yo, I have to say I played your campaign. The one in alpha testing and I say I like it, very much. I am a fan of old warcraft 3 style maps and related materials. Yours is very good and I hope you continue your work. I will enjoy playing it. Admiring your project, Pyraeus.
    8. Hayate
      Yeah im asian
    9. Hayate
      I played your Map, It's quite fun, (Only until chapter 2 though, Im so bad at gaiming)
      I feel like it less something that is a narrator.
      If you don't mind, I can Narate for that campaign (If you think im good enough)

      I give you some Example (with error, If you accept me, then i will make one with the one I try until i got i right XD)

    10. youness
      Make it awesome like the first one.
    11. youness
      Do you have another campaign to make. Cause the first one was awesome.
    12. Sclammerz
      Hello. You're welcome. :D
    13. Gismo359
      Hello, I just finished my review on your map.
    14. Sclammerz
      I know its a bit late but its better late than never.

      Anyway Welcome to Hive! :D Enjoy your stay here and you can introduce yourself here: Introduction Section. Feel free to make a thread to introduce yourself and if you did'nt read the rules yet here's the link: SOME RULES. Have a good day and Happy Mapping! :D
    15. youness
      Hello mate, how are you. I'm just enjoyed playing your campaign.
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    Northrend (Europe)
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    Kirin Tor
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