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  • you took a job and you shoud respect it so please tell us someting: HOW IS IT GOING? is it going to be updated soon or? are you still working on it or? Any update about the map is a lil'bit of hope for this AWOSOME MAP. So please don't bing us dow and tell us some good news. Tnx and gj
    you should really give people updates about the development of MM RPG. and if development has stopped you should tell them early enough as well.
    Pls update Monster master rpg has played it many times it is awesome just need to balance out some of the monster skills dont let a monster have mana drain when all his skills is crit or dont let tornado take thunder clap when he is range :DD but pls update hehe
    im really freakingly wanted new Monster master rpg even this old version i still playing again and again plss tell us any progression
    suggestion for MM update:new terrain,more custom monster with effect,monster master can attack too,crafting item,put quest each room for make lvling easier,higher rank,put fusion list inside,monster can separate with its master to go to other room to help newbie lvling,and im still thinking~~ i know its hard but its not imposible,well im dreaming to be like u guys,i just still dont have skill yet and talent
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    (Post) It was my pleasure. :3 Normally I would've taken the time to implement it, but I've had a chaotic week. :)
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