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Last Activity:
Feb 26, 2011
Jan 1, 2009


Old Rep 122 : New Rep 59, from Behind you. Too slow.

a7xpwns3 was last seen:
Feb 26, 2011
    1. Pyritie
      Of course not.
    2. wereguy2
      Well im on a goat!
    3. Dentothor
      not what i meant! XD
    4. Dentothor
      OMG! XD why are you giving me random repz???
    5. ap0calypse
      [rainbow]You should've been there :o
      It's one of the best festivals ever ^^ (only Wacken Open Air is better :p).
      I'm looking forward to seeing them again the 17th of October (together with Opeth...).

      Edit: Whiii, rainbowww :D[/rainbow]
    6. ap0calypse
      Day 3: Aww, the T-shirts went on :sad: (getting colder).
      Children of Bodom fucking rules! the whole damn place was shaking... damn awesome concert ><
      They even played the intro of The Final Countdown :D
      I've seen: CoB, Nightwish, Anthrax, Lamb of God, Candlemass, All that Remains, God Forbid, Diablo Blvd., Disturbed and Trivium...
      (Disturbed was a lol intro, you can probably see it on youtube within the next few days/weeks xD).

      After that day it was over :sad:
      I've seen 26 bands, though ^^ not bad :p

      (damn 1k characters)
    7. ap0calypse
      w00t, rainbow color? :o (how do ya do that?) ""? :p

      I will tell you what b the happenz ^^

      Day 1: Arrival...
      Dream Theater... 3th row (there were probably about 40k-50k people watching, so 3th row is f*cking insane xD - waited 2 concerts to get that close).
      Because of that I mised the signing session though :cry: (which was 1 concert before their concert, but if I would go then, I would be somewhere on the 50th row :o)
      Other bands I've seen that day: Soulfly, Dragonforce, Blind Guardian, Exodus, Firewind, Mötley Crüe and the gathering

      A lot of hot chicks in bra/bikini and short-shorts/mini-skirts (it was really hot).

      Day 2: Still lots of hot chicks :)
      Slipknot is the DotA under the metal (way too overrated, but a lot of fans... and I don't like 'em at all :p).
      KoRn ruled though ^^ (I've seen: KorN, Slipknot, Gojira, Manic Movement, Keep of Kalessin, Kataklysm, Mastodon and Wolves in the Throne Room).
    8. The Panda
      The Panda
    9. KingDedede
      Im not a whore :(
    10. Dmazzz
      Maybe he could stop +reping u too^^ jk.
    11. X.e.r.e.X
      Uhm, could you stop the font size abuse when you are +reping me?
    12. X.e.r.e.X
    13. Dmazzz
    14. a7xpwns3
    15. The Panda
      The Panda
      Here, i think this should be good.
    16. Zombie
      Well, go ahead anyway.
    17. Mr.Goblin
      sorry mate! :D, maybe next time!
    18. Palaslayer
      the what? ^^ with bush you mean george w bush? if so i never had such an avatar :D
    19. Zombie
      Of course you can, resources are for use. I'm working on another project at the moment, but I can help you out with this and that if needed. Non-Warcraft, as in a different game or just a non-Warcraft III themed Warcraft project?
    20. The Panda
      The Panda
      Ah its k ill catch you later im going to bed, pc
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    Behind you. Too slow.
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    Northrend (Europe)
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    Kirin Tor
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