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Last Activity:
Nov 11, 2018
Jan 10, 2009

Awarded Medals 8

Mar 22, 1988 (Age: 31)
Northern California
Full time student


Vehemently Apathetic, 31, from Northern California

67chrome was last seen:
Nov 11, 2018
    1. NelsonLaJe
      I have a question, you won't be able to make icons for Returend Skeletons?

    2. morbent
      I just wanted to tell you that you used to be the best moderator when it came to rating!
    3. I3lackDeath
      I see, I did the exact same thing for all the animations I have done so far.

      You say you smudged the flames from the original image? That's a great job then, because I find it hard to create a coherent effect that way. Every layer will look completely different, hence it won't look like a fluid animation, like real fire etc.
    4. Pharaoh_
      It's okay, I am very glad you're done with it!! :D

    5. TaShadan
      Is the Returned Archer the only skeleton model without teamcolor? And the TC of the other skeletons is really dark/pale. Is it possible to make a new version with brighter/stronger team colors?

      PS: they are awesome, so much better than the blizzard ones
    6. I3lackDeath
      Really? Only 3 layers for the flame effect? That's nifty.

      My main point of asking was how you were able to create that coherent effect, flames building up etc.
      It is hard to describe with words though.
    7. I3lackDeath
      Hey Chrome!

      I meant to ask you this way back, but never came around doing so:
      How many layers did you create for the fire effect of your avatar?
      The transitions look rather smooth, and I am interested in how to create animated stuff with actually moving hair etc., hence it'd be great if you could tell me how you created the smooth transitions from one step of flame to the next.

      I hope it's somewhat clear what I mean, I am very tired at the moment and tend to be imprecise when in that state.
    8. rcshaggy
      So Chrome any chance you might release more skins for the public?
    9. Pharaoh_

      How is the judging going? ;]

      You might also be interested in the new Mini-Mapping Contest; it is held in the Map Development forum (sticky)!
    10. The Panda
      The Panda
      Yes! and yeah thats true. lol
    11. The Panda
      The Panda
    12. Matarael
      Browsing your resources gave me an orgasm.

      But anyway, I would like to modify bits of your skins for my map, if you wouldn't mind. The reason is to save icon usage (I am still trying to use Bliz's original icons) so I am altering the faces just a bit.

      Let me know if you mind, but in any case thanks!
    13. APproject
      No problem, thank you for replying. I've tried dealing with the skin again, but editor restart didn't help, I am also not replacing another imported material with this one and I tried experimenting with tga extension, still won't help. Other names won't work except for Textures\Hero_BloodElf.blp yet it cause the skin to be screwed up. I would appreciate if you tried to import the model by yourself and see if you could deal with it.

    14. APproject
      Hello there. I noticed this skin would not work properly. Could you please take a deeper look into it and solve the problem if possible?

      This is what is seen ingame:


      Thank you.
    15. Misha
      ahh.. whatever you do, don't remove your resources D: too many peeps already did it
    16. Arkeyro
      lady vashj , very nice!
    17. Misha
    18. JesusHipster
      Hi there, are you still working on skins? There is a new model contest going on and i lack a texture like that: http://www.hiveworkshop.com/forums/skins-552/murlocduskyworker_by67chrome-blp-188031/?prev=search%3Dmurloc%26d%3Dlist%26r%3D20
      But for a different mesh.. My theme would be a suffering/sad murloc and i realy lack a custom skin, because i wish to make him still look fishy and use mostly dark colors.. Warcraft lacks some good quality textures like that, and it's allowed to have a pair for this contest..
    19. Apheraz Lucent
      Apheraz Lucent
      Hey there!
      I would love to join the current Icon Contest, in which you need to create icons that fit a custom model or skin from THW's resources.

      Your Sentinel Watcher skin is my favorite mod, and I would like to pick it for the contest, but I need your permission. Do I have it? :)
    20. chr2
      Hey dude, why haven't you uploaded your awesome Gnome Mountain King skin from Texturing Contest #8?
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    Mar 22, 1988 (Age: 31)
    Northern California
    Full time student
    Current Project:
    Making skins
    WarCraft 3 Account:
    WarCraft 3 Realm:
    US West
    Favourite Race:
    Night Elf
    Favorite Organization/Clan:
    Dream of working for Blizzard entertainment.

    skinning, herbalism, minning


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