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    Nightriver Valley

    UPDATE: Units have been restored and added a bunch of other doodads in for some detail. Also changed the ground in the water to make it look... "dirty. Added a whole bunch of satyrs around the map for people to kill and added a little green camp of sludge fingers for exp at the sides.
  2. Nightriver Valley (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Nightriver Valley

    Thanks for ur critique man, I think I will add back in the siege units. But what about air? Would they be fine without it?
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    Nightriver Valley

    Cool! Also I cant tell if your being sarcastic or not... ( not to be rude or anything, pls don't demonetize me )
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    Nightriver Valley

    Done! Is it better? Also what did you think of the map? Thanks for your thoughts and feedback!
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    Nightriver Valley (Map)

    Nightriver Valley "A distant isle hidden from Ashenvale for centuries has been tainted by the Legion once again. Stride through the forests and reclaim the land." >Contents< Players 2 Creep Camps 11 green 6 orange 2 red Neutral Buildings 2 Gold Mines 4 >Tactics< -->There is a lot of...
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    I Stand Ready (Map)

    I Stand Ready: Freelancers vs Followers of Darkness What is "I Stand Ready" -As the name suggests, I Stand Ready is a series of maps created by me, Optimise. I Stand Ready introduces new races and new gameplay where everything is ready for you, your troops and your buildings/upgrades. Why...
  8. I Stand Ready (Warcraft 3 Map)

  9. Dodona: Springleaf Pier (Warcraft 3 Map)

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    Dodona: Springleaf Pier

    1) Whoops, I forgot I removed Teal from the game. Gonna fix that rn 2) The ramp will be fixed just forgot that as well. Yes... I have only uploaded this map as my first map, it is still in progress. BUT in the future there will be changes. At the moment, I am remaking a map exactly like this...
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    Un'Goro Crater

    I hate the fact that you literally did better than I did. Btw I REFUSE to think that this is your first map lmao! Good job tho!
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    Dodona: Springleaf Pier (Map)

    The Isle of Dodona: Springleaf Pier Backstory: Many years after the Sundering of Azeroth, night elves made way for the use of nature magic. Now residing in the forests of Kalimdor in Ashenvale for over thousands of years, an isle has recently been discovered in the nearby seas. In these lands...
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    World Editor "Save changes to Untitled 1?"

    I need urgent help. I've been using World Editor for a day now and every time I save a map it shows to "Save changes to Untitled 1?". And it still shows me the message and another following message that the name of my map is still "Another Warcraft 3 map" even though I've already changed the...
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    Beyond the Throne: Tides of Darkness

    Could you fit the night elves into this? Maybe add some of the units they had like sentries and wardens? And to play as the expanded night elves there should be button whenever your race is night elves the game starts and asks if you wanna play Naga. Thats just an idea but it'd be great if the...
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    Steel, Blood, and Glory v2.04o

    i see naisha in the screenshots... how do you get her?