WoC - Screenshot 1

WoC - Screenshot 1

Part of the Third Mission
Hmm, hopefully not just usual techtrees. We are kind of getting bored by them after the original campaigns and melee.
@deepstrasz My goal was to mimic the style of the original campaign. After I finish it, I plan to create an alternative EXTREME version, with new Techtrees and changes based on the community suggestions.

Besides that, the gameplay should be quite fun and original. That's what the project is focued on. It won't be an easy click-to-kill campaign, filled with melee missions (destroy an enemy base with yours) and no ways to lose, which I too am really, really tired of. You'll actually have to adapt to the enemy, manage your units in the micro missions, struggle with difficult situations and plan ahead of the time.

It's really something worth waiting for. Soon I'll release a Demo of The Micro mission and possibly the full Third one too. Anyone can say those things, but I want to prove them.
@deepstrasz that's exactly what the Extreme version is about. Don't worry, man, if you're looking for some really new experience you'll just have to wait a bit longer.

Of course, even in the original version, you'll have some fun toys to play with, like a big amount of the Goblin Merchants with lower priced units.

Also, new additions like a new Tileset, new Loading Screen (both really early WIP) or just the new plot.

(EDIT: I wanted to share these WIPs, but it seems I can't do that in the Media Comments)

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