Wildhammer Teaser
Sir Fleymark

Wildhammer Teaser

Is it the campaign you are working on?
I like the models you used and would love to see some roc/tft style dwarf campaign.
*Very* interested in a Wildhammer faction; I've toyed with designing one myself over the years, but it's not likely to happen soon.

Gimme gimme gimme ; )
@Kyrbi0 This is actually a work in progress since years ago, had a long time of inactivity at THW and I just very recently come back...
By the way, I saw your conversation with Wa666r in his profile page :D
Oh same. I just picked modding back up again after a nearly-two-year hiatus (Life Stuff), and it's definitely a challenge but still a lot of fun.

Looking forward to your progress on this. Custom faction techtrees/descriptions/images are like crack cocaine for me, so keep 'em coming! xD

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