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what do you think the best spell fit for this map?

what do you think the best spell fit for this map?
vince759, Jan 18, 2013
    • vince759
      what do you think is the best spell for this map ?
    • vince759
      make your own opinions!
      i want to make spells fit for this! or (Items).
      There is a Chance that your Opinion would chosen! and give you some credits for this map!
    • Gen Bloodhorn
      for the hero or the map???
      if heroes then it would be rabid form :D makes them have rabies then be enlarged by the effect of the spell that makes units big and have red stuff on their hands.
      and while having rabies, they will have stronger and have "poisonuos" (dps) per attack (dps on the enemy will stack for every 5 hits. it increases their maximum health and mana, health will not regenerate. after rabies effect, they will be a bit weaker for X seconds
    • vince759
      thanks gen. Bloodhorn
      this game is just like Shadowraze or mirana warz.
      you will have to buy your skill before you can use it..
      please give me at least
      10 spells that i can choose : hehe :))
    • Gen Bloodhorn
      wow! i have more projects so i can't :| i would help if i could but i will still try :D

      Claw Pounce
      Pounces to the enemy and stun for X seconds if the "dog" exactly hit the "other dog" when it hits the ground, after the stun, "other dog" will be slowed for 1 sec

      Moon Pack:
      Can Only Be used at night when full moon comes
      "dog" will summon 4 wolves (bash)/2 greater wolves(bash & slow)/2 rabid wolves that is fully controllable (no item slot) will have all effects of "rabid form" if the "dog" is using it

      Dig Hole:
      Dog will dig down to the ground, bury himself and wait for prey to come,
      if "dog" comes out of the ground and "other dog" is in an area around, "other dog" will be stunned and will get X Damage (found this skill funny but as i type it it becomes more serious)

      Dog Sense
      Unable to use with "Track"
      Will allow "dog" to locate the nearby injured enemy unit (when at red health)

      Unable to use with "Dog Sense"
      Tracks "other dog" for X seconds and increase "dog" 's movement of speed by 1-10 (to balance)

      Unable to use with "Rabid form"
      Increases attack, attack speed, and armor of "dog for" a short time and increases health regeneration while in combat

      Eye of the white wolf:
      Enables "Dog" to see further at night

      Sensitive ears:
      Dog detects all sprinting "other dogs" lasts X seconds

      Unable to use with "Cover in Nature"
      Dog will move slowly (walk) and "dog" will be unable to be detected by "sensitive ears" (toggleable)

      Cover in Nature:
      Unable to use with "Sneak"
      makes "dog" roll in the dirt so "dog" 's smell cannot be detected, makes dog invulnerable for "Track" and "Dog sense" for X Seconds

      I can't thing of anything more :D Put them all!? XDD but those effects are required and and these spells are balanced because there are somewhat maybe just some skills would replace older ones?
      there are counters for some skill, but this one is the Best of them all:

      Leader of the Pack:
      Dispels at the third O at the clock
      Can only be used if "Moon pack" is active
      Allows "dog" to track all nearby injured enemies and ignores "cover nature"
      and "dog" has an increased X movement of speed, X attack if "wolves" are nearby", will be unable to use other skills but these:

      Master of tracking:
      will track all nearby enemies on an area around "dog"
      Rabid Rampage:
      Almost as same as "Rabid form" and "rampage" but has a reduced
      effect from both.

      Slows "other dog" and makes them run for X seconds at the front of "dog"

      This post was really long! :D I think i helped you! :D made this for about 30 mins- 1 hour XDD and i made it creative as possible
    • Gen Bloodhorn
      Sorry for double posting, but after "leader of the pack" dispels/stops its effects, "dog" will recieve a huge amount of damage because of an adrenaline like thingy
    • vince759
      woahhhhh Thanks Gen Bloodorn,
      all of this are useful..
      especially The Claw pounce.
      Thank you Very Much
    • vince759
      how can i make the claw pounce skill ? hehe..
    • Gen Bloodhorn
      like, pounce of slark or leap of mirana from dota :D just make "after landing, stuns all enemies in a small area around "dog" :D
    • vince759
      hehe.. how to make Pounce like mirana or slark?.. its been a long time when i back map making.. so i can't remember now :))
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