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Recent Comments

  1. kangyun
    @stein123 Timeline (unofficial) If u look at the timeline of the warcraft lore... BFA was ten years after fall of the lich king... Varok wearing was a the same amour but cant say its high quality...
  2. stein123
    Huh, I think that BfA Varok's armour was supposed to be the updated/real look of the generic/low quality armour that Dranosh used in WotLK (High warlord's armour ser)
  3. deepstrasz
    Where da long ears @?
  4. stein123
    I think that would be better to make an actually dk amor instead of just one single texture bodysuit, the concept of swaping a single texture is great, but maybe an option with actual pieces...
  5. Himperion
    @deepstrasz That is a problem of the DK texture be male or female, white tits and boob plate are the only real difference in the body. The good thing is that there are lots of high quality...

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