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Recent Comments

  1. kellym0
  2. ZethHolyblade
    For every demon or fiend I'll be using in the story, I'll be making their respective artwork in my spare time (ya that's a lot :D) as well as overall charts like this.
  3. HerrDave
    They're being put on hold while I wrap up WotK stuff - then I've got to go through and raise their polycount around the shoulders, arms, and legs so they don't flatten when they bend and flex Any...
  4. ZethHolyblade
    @deepstrasz ohh no, I'd never get used to the smell. You need a mighty stomach for some of the cases that appear.
  5. DwarfBoy
    @tulee I prefer a mixture of both. Honestly, unless your project is purely a cinematic map/campaign, you need to have some sort of gameplay screenshots.

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