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Albums for user: Slaydon

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Recent Comments

  1. Mechanical Man
    they seem to be english, as fitting for an anglo warrior
  2. xISLx
    I never played that game, but the idea of medieval people endorsing "peace" is kinda silly :D
  3. kellym0
    A high elf/blood elf archer on a cat mount - looks great
  4. kellym0
    Lol I just noticed how the chest was animated as well, thee umm, fluid motions in thee umm, chest made me laugh was all. Great detail. Small things like that bring life in animating, even if its...
  5. Lurker99
    Did you ever get this to a beta stage would love to see a playable version. Also which models did you use for the human footman and Knights in this shot. btklogo | HIVE. Cheers

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