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Recent Comments

  1. Alxen345
    Is a very useful thing. I tested it with the people in my Discord server. Is really fun sometimes. One of them traded nearly all of his attack damage into armor and became almost unstoppable....
  2. deepstrasz
    *trade for Are you sure 10 armour is a fair trade for 18 attack damage? I don't know how armour and attack types work in your map but in terms of regular Warcraft III it's not worth it.
  3. Rubellu Sidus
    @ZethHolyblade That is what I thought. In fact I even used Tichondrius' mouth/chin region to make the beard.
  4. ZethHolyblade
    @Rubellu Sidus It is simply the best use/mix of Tychondrious' face and UD Necromancer's beard. Absolutely brilliant.
  5. Rubellu Sidus
    @ZethHolyblade Many thanks. I tried to use the Dread Lord (normal) texture, but I noticed that there are holes for his horns, but in Tichondrius texture there's no such holes, then I used this one.

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