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Recent Comments

  1. deepstrasz
    @VendarRimmer at least we got that. The price might not be up to it though.
  2. VendarRimmer
    @Reaver Agree, they said WC2 and WC1 are not fun anymore. Their released on GOG is very poor. They just put WC1 with DosBox and WC2 BNE with some updated code to run on modern Windows. It's like a...
  3. VendarRimmer
    @Reaver It's of course a matter of taste, but I like when world is consistent at every point. So when you are creating a character that character stays the same person through entire journey....
  4. VendarRimmer
    Very nice and oldschool :)
  5. Azqswxzeman
    Hi! Check this ^^

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