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Recent Comments

  1. Hazop
    I feel like the Armor Texture and the Backpack/Gun Textures should be the same, otherwise it looks off...
  2. Battleborn
    Hey man, in my own perception and eyes, it looks less dieselpunk, looks more wolfensteiny or baroquepunky. Maybe these different textrures could come as separate pack or faction.? The older ones...
  3. SonsOfSami
    The armor looks much better than the current version Also while you are at it, you might want to consider updating the pouches and the boots as, in case of WotK soldier models, have been updated...
  4. Zess
    @Mechanical Man, oh, nice to hear it I used a rise of legends as a reference at this time. I originally conceived these models in this style, so I am glad that this recognition is ok The colors...
  5. Mechanical Man
    well it reminds me of renaissance uniforms

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