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Recent Comments

  1. Valandil
    Oh awesome, can you release this ?
  2. kellym0
    credits to Zolden for the conversion, only now did I just find this beauty....
  3. kellym0
    A mixture of starcraft2's ''Kaldir'' ice planet doodads and the ancient but classic ''ruined cathedral'' makes a rather nice pedestal for the lich to stand ontop of...
  4. kellym0
    hmmm.... he seems pretty detailed...slightly larger legs? dunno -- the gun looks good -- maybe slightly smaller head? lol Well I think it looks nice
  5. infrenus
    Finished it! Just need to later find a good spell animation idea, I have some. Iron Golem (Warlords Battlecry) I always thought the idea is that the golems were a lot taller than they resembled...

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