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That EULA most foul.

Nothing like watching years of your life be absorbed by a company which has abandoned any claim to decency.

That EULA most foul.
HerrDave, Feb 16, 2020
    • deepstrasz
      You drew it or just a meme template?
    • HerrDave
      Projects which were claimed by Blizzard during and before public release
      - Wrath of the Kaiser (84% done)
      - War of the Ring (Missed Christmas launch day because Blizzard's pre-patch broke the editor)
      - The Plague Cometh (40% done)
      - Warhammer: Age of Ruin (15% done)
      - Star Wars: In the Emperor's Absence (35% done)
      - Tales of a Broken Land (RPG) (100% done, never released)
      - HiveWorkshop Divided (Story Campaign) (Fully voice-acted, paid to have a custom soundtrack made)

      Hand-drawn, since I'm a bit of an old fuddy-duddy when it comes to memes
    • deepstrasz
      @HerrDave hey Davy boi, don't fret. ActiBlizz can go shove it. Warcraft III is nothing without us. We've got it under Classic control.
    • FeelsGoodMan
      From what you have told me before Dave, your models contains textures and/or names from other games, which means they are already covered by that game's copyright laws. Blizzard can't lawfully claim your models/maps.
    • deepstrasz
      @FeelsGoodMan yeah some of them (War of the Ring's) are owned by Activision indirectly, are they not?
    • FeelsGoodMan
      @deepstrasz Still, if he protects his maps and puts a lot of copyrighted material in them it means Blizzard can't steal his content unless they deprotect the map and remove the copyrighted content.

      The fact remains that no matter what, there will always be a company that owns the copyrights to the models that are being used as long as they're based on something else. You can't, for example, draw a storm trooper and sell that picture legally. You can charge for the effort of creating the artwork, but not mass producing it and selling it.

      This means that Blizzard would operate within certain restrictions with Dave's maps, and they're more than likely not interested in dealing with any of it so they will just ban the maps from play. Even though Activision probably has a license to use LOTR themed models, does NOT mean it automatically gives them right to monetize other LOTR themed maps or games.

      No matter, if you spent 9 years on this Dave, then there is absolutely no reason to give it up. That would be a huge waste. You should work towards a solution rather than despairing over lost work. Find something that can work for you. The worst thing you can do is give up.
    • kellym0
      lol nice picture

      in all seriousness, they can never steal your art, they may claim its theirs but you made it, you have the skills, personal knowledge, wisdom, no amount of legal trash paper can change that.
    • Hazop
      Do not surrender! Push on Comrade! For the Glory of having talents befitting a 3D modeller/slapping it on your resume!
    • Rating:
      Poor old Edmond Dantes, poor, poor fellow...
    • deepstrasz
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