Supposed to be some kind of mummy warrior.

Supposed to be some kind of mummy warrior.

just a small tip/suggestion:
personally I'd use the draenei texture for the bands aswell. Make the material exactly like a teamcolored material, but change Replaceable ID 1 to textures/white.blp.
After that you could change its color via geoset animations :)
thanks for the tip but this model is already trashed. i can't find a proper model to rig it with.
just a question, what skin u used for the bandage on his arm and his body? (i hope it is ingame texture)
its all in game. the textures used are draenei, priestess of the moon, iron raven, tichondrius and crypt fiend.
Dang, this is sick. It's a shame to hear it's trashed; not permanently I hope? Even something simple like Zombie anims could work (the shamble). Maybe that, mixed with Shaman anims for casting & stuff.

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