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Scourge of Lordaeron

Scourge of Lordaeron

All the description for the Scourge of Lordaeron upgrades and changes of heroes.
Scourge of Lordaeron is effected by the Reign of Chaos [RPG Enhanced Edition] gameplay and is the first original campaign, along with Exodus of the Horde, to be modified and re-released in a more Role-Playing Game setting. Featuring the story of Prince Arthas Menethil of Lordaeron and his expedition.

Human 01 - The Defense of Strahnbrad Changes - In Steps:
- The Bloodhill Bandit's Clan have remained the secondary main antagonists of this chapter, while their leaders Benedict and Menag Dragunov have become powerful heroes. Benedict a Zealot and Menag Dragunov a very Dark Knight. Benedict will ambush heroes near a great Altar north in the forests, while the bandits will also be responsible for a blockade that prevents you from heading east towards Strahnbrad. The blockade falls once the Gnolls are defeated.
- All villagers have been given further names, a vendor has been added in the south-west of Strahnbrad that will provide you good with any material you find in the game, all villagers will respond once you click on them to talk to them, all signs will now be readable once (this includes graveyards). Strahnbrad has received it's own bank and mercenary camp, as well as heroes and towers within the area and other farmland and buildings.
- The Silver Hand base has been greatly enhanced further north and will feature a more beautiful landscape than before. It will also feature new signs for training your heroes. Falric is a new a hero in this chapter and wasn't in originally before.
- Runes, golden coins, sticks, and lumber drops from vast various enemy units. Strahnbrad has gained two official new sections of it's town, with sign information and also new buildings that fall during the scenario to battle them. Treasure Chests are also scattered across the region.
- The Gnolls are now apart of their own clan and there are two routes to reach them instead off one. Defeating the Gnolls unlocks the passage east, whether you do or do not fail the mission. Be aware that once defeating the gnolls and speaking to Gerard on the road, the Bloodhill Bandit's Clan will send members to siege the farmstead you are at and you must defend it. If they destroy the Altar of Kings and all your heroes are dead: You lose the game.
- A large hill and small town called the 'Gates of Bloodhill' are now added where more bandits will be on patrol and guard for their leader, Menag Dragunov, at the river of the fallen. Defeating Menag Dragunov unlocks the cave behind him that will now open and lead you further north to Strahnbrad, as the bridge to Strahnbrad was also destroyed by the Bloodhill Bandit's Clan.
- Taking the cave from the Bloodhill Bandit's Clan camp south-east leads you to north-east middle near the Strahnbrad graveyard. You will then meet with Smolderthorn Tribesmen trolls that will attempt to kill you. A new cave has been added near the graveyard and once you destroy it's gate, it unlocks a free service to travel back and forth to the gnoll camp and the area that you are in. Destroying a lever once you arrive north-east will unlock the bridge to cross over to Gerard and back.
- Blackrock Clan's orcs will now consist of also Warlocks, Catapults, and a new hero called the Seer Fury. Once you encounter the Slavemaster, he orders for units to siege the farmlands where your Altar of Kings is. Be advised, this will not stop until Gar'derak is dead.
- The Slavemaster has gained his own name: 'Garde'rak'. He is also the main antagonist of chapter one and therefore a boss fight.
- If the players get a 5/5 in the Scoreboard system. A new cinematic will play after you have finished the original one that will feature a bonus cinematic with the Bloodhill Bandit's Clan's leaders that reveals they are 'Alteracians' who want Alterac back and no longer remained allied with the Alliance, preferring the Scourge and the Legion, but not necessarily.
- You are only able to hire Footmen in Chapter one from the Mercenary Camp.

Human 02 - Blackrock and Roll Changes - In Steps:
- A new cinematic will be featured for the Blademaster and his own minions, discussing how the Blademaster is very angry with the death of his brother from the previous mission.
- The Blackrock Clan now have two basecamps and both of them are on top of hills. The north-west Blackrock Basecamp has been heavily enhanced and the most danger comes from there. Both basecamps have two sides to assault from, while the whole landscape and terrain was remodified. Most of the Ogres are now allied with the Blackrock Clan.
- The Bloodhill Bandit's Clan makes an appearance in serving Searinox and once you enter Searinox's lair, you are able to transport via a new waygate towards the Bloodhill Bandit Clan's lair where you will face off bandits and dragons alike. Searinox's lair also has two entrances now instead off one. The one to the north leading to a new base has been added and opened.
- Runes, golden coins, sticks, and lumber drops from vast various enemy units. The basecamp has gained two new gates and a wall, with sign information. Treasure Chests are also scattered across the region.
- The Dwarven Camp is no longer located near Searinox's lair. The place near the lair has been turned into a graveyard and to the south there is a small town that was raided by the Warsong Clan and the Blackrock Clan. The Blackrock Clan are the only ones that have remained and it is your turn to pick to meddle with such affairs.
- Tons of new settlements are added that are all claimed by the Blackrock Clan, leaving no human survivors.
- The Blademaster has his own lair, like Searinox, and is protected by ogres, orcs, trolls, a hero, and more. You will also get to gaze into the future that he sees.
- The Dwarven Encampment has moved behind the Alliance encampment far to the south and is now located on a river where the dwarves will ask for Arthas' aid. They are also assaulted by ogres and will need your help. The Camp features a bank, a vendor for item purchases, and a Mercenary Camp.
- The dwarven Mercenary Camp will make you able to hire: Riflemen only. They are no longer your main shooting unit in the human campaign. Be advised, Dragon Hunters and Hired Mercenaries will also join your cause if you defeat Searinox and bring his burning heart home.

BONUS - The Fate of Alterac:
- For defeating the campaign, the regular cinematic plays and a Dalaran cinematic that also features Bloodhill Bandit's Clan lore that connects to Arkus Winterchill (Rage Winterchill, the Lich) plays. Be advised, a bonus boss fight also play if you defeat the Scoreboard system with a 5/5. You will be given means to play as Grommash 'Grom' Hellscream of the Warsong Clan in a different map. You will learn that he has come there to only watch human sacrifices, because he hates humans. You will play as Grommash as the Alliance are attempting to capture you and overtime the Blackrock Clan will come to assault you. You will also learn of the fate of Alterac and the formation of the Templar's Order lead by Arkus Winterchill and the newly risen Menag Dragunov. You will get to play as Mal'Ganis through this chapter who offers promises to Alterac and absorbs them into his cause.

Human 03 - Ravages of the Plague Changes - In Steps:
- Brill, just like Strahnbrad and it's surrounding regions, has gained it's own signs, graveyards, gates, and small encampments and graphical changes. On the first road of Brill, you will find secrets hidden among the road such as a barrel of explosives that brings down several trees that reveals a hidden Bloodhill Bandit's Clan basecamp. Proceeding north reveals the bridge is still down and the bandit invaders are once more the same antagonists of Chapter one, the Bloodhills. Within south-east Brill, however, there is a high elf vendor that will provide goods serving as a replacement to the one in Strahnbrad. The Ogres will protect their treasure and a Fountain of Mana, while a Mercenary camp and bank of Brill are also featured in the area.
- The road north is no longer held by the murlocs and the river is instead controlled by Bandits who have established a blockade and do not wish for you to enter.
- Heading to the third section of Brill is where the graveyard section is as well. Pressing a lever activates the bridge that connects north Brill with South-west Brill. The main path to the graveyard is now blocked and a further path into the forest north leads you into bandit basecamps. Passing them leads you very quickly into the graveyard section. The road has been blocked by dead corpses, fire, and plague.
- Once you get to the graveyard, choose to head west or south to proceed with the campaign. To the west is the fountain with several buildings already on fire and to the south is the first granary cinematic. Be advised, beware of the graves as reading them will either provide many undead skeletons to rise or a grave that will ask you to take it's ankh of reincarnation.
- Runes, golden coins, sticks, and lumber drops from vast various enemy units. Treasure Chests are also scattered across the region.
- Heading south down past the granary will reveal that some Bloodhill Bandit's Clan members are now all friendly with the Scourge and a battle will consist on three fronts in a free for all: Alliance, Bloodhill Bandit's Clan, and the Scourge. Heading further down is where the priests will be rescued for the first time and the Scourge will send a few undead to raid the small farmstead of villagers that are also there. Beware of the Shipyard they are establishing and the last abomination fight with feature the boss: Stitch, as the main and final antagonist of chapter three.
- The Mercenary Camp only features Footmen to be hired in, while the other Mercenary Camp in the farmstead where you find the priests features Priests and Mortar Teams. Be careful of who you choose and when.
- Jaina Proudmoore is a new hero in this chapter and is no longer the same as she was before. More information about global game changes will be posted in a new spot of this album for that information.
- Defeating the Scoreboard with a 5/5 will unlock three tomes: Agility + 1 for Jaina, Intelligence + 1 for Arthas, and Agility + 1 for Falric.

Human 04 - The Cult of the Damned - In Steps:
- Andorhal has received major graphical updates, new signs, graveyards, and has been greatly expanded. There are now rescuable riflemen, mortar teams, and priests that must be found in the region to be unlocked in order to play with.
- The Scourge now have three major Scourge forces in the region. Andorhal is also being held by the Host of Suffering (Mal'Ganis' personal servants), who are revealed to be members of the Bloodhill Bandit's Clan who formed the Templar's Order under Arkus Winterchill after they have taken over Alterac. You will meet with many of the Templar's Order who replace the Frozen Throne units, such as the Obsidian Statue. Andorhal has gained it's own prison, a new section, a huge expanded graveyard, a huge hill defending point, and to the east off the map the murlocs, trolls, and gnolls are all plagued Scourge servants. A waygate, an undead shipyard, and undead ships guard Andorhal from the outside.
- Kel'Thuzad is now his own boss fight and is protected heavily by powerful abominations.
- There is a bank located west, as well as a vendor, but there are no mercenary camps in this chapter.
- Runes, golden coins, sticks, and lumber drops from vast various enemy units. Treasure Chests are also scattered across the region.
- Defeating the Scoreboard with a 5/5 will unlock three tomes: Agility + 1 for Jaina, Intelligence + 1 for Arthas, and Agility + 1 for Falric.

Human 05 - March of the Scourge - In Steps:

- The town of Hearthglen is expanded north. At the beginning you are given several towers and town halls at the north goldmine. Be advised that the Scourge will take any opportunity to annihilate you anywhere you go. Heartghlen's defenses are also heavily expanded and even south, while the whole land around reveals burning farmsteads that is more keen to the Plaguelands theme.
- The two Liches in this chapter are now heavily enforced and named, as they will raid you constantly.
- The Scourge Caravans now summon units if they are provoked and must be destroyed quickly.
- The Templar's Order have polluted a fountain nearby and corrupted it. Ogres, trolls, dead skeleton Blackrock orcs and others will also scout the region.
- There is a bank located within Hearthglen, as well as a vendor and a mercenary camp that features all the units you could hire or produce with your base camp in this chapter. Your units or buildings are no longer built or controlled by you. Alliance units will repeatedly appear and charge further north or west to infiltrate the Scourge units. Push the enemy back or lose the battle depends entirely on you. You will be able to control a Blacksmith to upgrade the strength of your units and their armor.
- Runes, golden coins, sticks, and lumber drops from vast various enemy units. Treasure Chests are also scattered across the region.
- Captain Luc Valonforth is the new playable hero that replaces Jaina Proudmoore.
- The cinematic between Medivh and Arthas also plays in this map.
- Defeating the Scoreboard with a 5/5 will unlock three tomes: Strength + 3 for Luc Valonforth, Intelligence + 1 for Arthas, and Agility + 1 for Falric.

Human 06 - The Culling of Stratholme - In Steps:

- The city of Stratholme has been now expanded into a more 'harbor' looking city, while all it's regions around and sections have been expanded and connected. Meaning that Mal'Ganis is a lot faster in reaching points and so are you.
- A blockade unit blocks the main gates of Stratholme, while there are several other units around that block the other gate and provide Templar's Order's bandits to assault your base from the rear. You must destroy this incursion to have a better protection to your base.
- You no longer control the base in this chapter, as you are now hiring all the units through mercenary camps with established tents and towers already ready. Be advised that you can also order your footmen to ride horses located within the city that turns them into Knights and great cavalry units.
- All the bosses from World of Warcraft, such as Salramm the Fleshcrater, make a special appearance in the Culling and will constantly and repeatedly raid your base.
- Marwynn will also appear protecting the base camp entrance, meaning that Arthas has called more special units here. A bank and a vendor are once more featured here.
- The cinematic between Medivh and Jaina plays in this chapter as well.
- Defeating the Scoreboard with a 5/5 will unlock three tomes: Strength + 1 for Luc Valonforth, Intelligence + 1 for Arthas, and Agility + 1 for Falric.

Rest is under construction and will post more information once I am sure with what updates I want to go with. If you are here to complain about Jaina, please do it now and thank you. But please read the RPG Global Category where changes are applied and changed for most structures and explained why.
The ROC Human & Undead campaigns, as well as TFT undead one have always been my favourites because of Arthas :D
The modifications sound promising and fun.

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