Orcish Spear-Throwers/Archers of All Clans

Orcish Spear-Throwers/Archers of All Clans

designed by : Bagysta
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The red armor of the first, on the left, is very reminiscent of the WCII version Grunts.
Beautiful, congratulations!
I want to ask a question. Exactly how all these skins will affect. Do they have some kind of combat differences or is it just a visual effect?
@Land Eater
If you refer to animations of the model. Objectively not, you will hardly be able to find editions that create greater variations in the animations of Reforged's bones.
I even started some totally new animations for Knight HD, but they are still a little rigid, in the future I will polish more.
see here: Knight Footman (Fusion) - Full Anims
I fusion some footman animations and created others from scratch,
My only problem: I don't have time to do improved sync, because his does not only require patience, but dedication of a few good hours lol
@SebioL I mean combat differences. Their abilities. Some hit farther, others hit faster, maybe someone will have an ability like the Ensnare. That's what I mean.

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