Chapel of Correction

Chapel of Correction

looks awesome, they remind me bloodborne or gothic theme. you definitely should join techtree contest.
Looks good. The only thing i would change is the horizontal stripe above windows on the tower. Roof texture would look better there imo
Looks great and I like the style.

Although, if you're looking for areas to improve on, review these:
- It seems the main structure (the big box in the middle) is floating or not touching the platform. Either add another 'step' or platform underneath that, or stretch the polies down so it finally reaches the base.
- The texture on the base is too enlarged imo. Even if it's not going to be visible all the time in-game, it's an important detail that shouldn't be overlooked.

A bit more advanced:
- Have you tried using the lamp textures to make the windows on the dome also glow? You could possibly pull that off by making a new geoset layered on top of the dome.

PS. Which in-game textures are these btw? I wanna try experimenting on them too lol

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