Dude this stuff is sick. I mean your work is really great. I want you to know that I really really appreciate your work and effort that has been so clearly put in it. I am already using those in my sea-themed map and it's great. I hope to see more of ancient/medieval/colonial age boats. Will you make some more? :)
For me, boats are the easiest units to do. I can do a few more. Do you have some particular kind of ships you are looking after ?
You realize that you just opened a Pandora's box? Anyways, I will write down a lot of ships I am missing and if you create even one, I will be super satisfied. I only wish I could make them myself, uhhh.

Here they come, ranked by how much I would like to see them from most wanted to least wanted:

Cog (Kogge), Hulk (especially with those lovely and small in-build wooden towers on front/rear), War Junk, Junk, Baochuan (Chinese treasure ship), Dhow, Baghlah, Keying, Lorcha, Ketch
I never thought of doing a Chinese boat. It could be interesting. Imma give a try to a Treseaure Ship.

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